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New pressures and opportunities for NPT2003-03-01
Dr Nikolai Steinberg is Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of...2004-03-01
Moving forward on Yucca Mountain2002-04-01Abraham letter 14/2/02,NucNet news #69/02,NuclearFuel 4/3/02
Explicit climate change stance2002-04-01White House 14/2/02, Economist 16/2/02, NucNet news # 66/02
US effort to boost new reactors2002-04-01NucNet news #52 & 86/02, NEI Overview 11/2/02
US Senate extends Price-Anderson Act2002-04-01Platts 7/3/02, NucNet news # 95/02
Nuclear power costs2004-03-01
Energy bill resurfaces2004-03-01Ux Weekly 16/2/04, Nucleonixs Week 12& 19/2/04, Power Econ..
Cameco to buy Texas nuclear capacity2004-03-01Cameco 1/3/04, Nucleonics Week 4/3//04
First fuel from US weapons uranium delivered2005-03-01
Standoff on Russian uranium supply to USA2002-04-01Nuclear Fuel 7 & 21/1/02, Ux Weekly 4/3/02
Framatome ANP expands US foothold2002-04-01NucNet business news # 8/02
Controversy over new US Data Quality Act2002-04-01New York Times 21/3/02
NASA returns to nuclear rockets2002-04-01NASA 4/2/02, Discovery 12/2/02, LA TImes 7/2/02
UK energy policy reports2002-04-01PIU report 14/2/02, Trade & Industry report 7/2/02
Plan to use Mox fuel from military plutonium2003-03-01
Price Anderson Act renewed by the state2003-03-01
Industry call to control Nuclear Waste Fund2003-03-01
Utah nuclear waste storage plan stalled2003-03-01
Nuclear power for space travel boosted2003-03-01
UK energy policy focuses on CO22003-03-01
Hydrogen economy needs nuclear2004-03-01National Academies 4/2/04, Refocus weekly 11/2/04, Nuclear..
US energy budget request2004-03-01NucNet News # 30/04, Nucleonics Week 5/2/04, SpentFuel ...
US MOX plant delay2004-03-01SpentFuel 9/2/04
UK report on generation costs2004-03-01Report 10/3/, Times 11/3/04, Guardian ...
Renewables cost quantified2004-03-01Eurelectric Jan 2004 & 25/3/04
UK study confirms new reactor type2004-03-01BNES Nuclear Energy Feb 2004
German utilities ponder new reactor2004-03-01Nucleonics Week 12/2/04
EU committee asserts need for nuclear2004-03-01EESC 25/4/04, Nucleonics Week 29/1/04, Foratom 26/2/04
French reprocessed uranium for long-term storage2005-03-01
UK turnaround in nuclear sentiment2005-03-01
UK reactor replacement study2002-04-01BNFL & BE 26/2/02, Nucleonics Week 28/2/02, FT 27/2/02, Ux..
Swedes revisit nuclear priorities2002-04-01NucNet news # 110/02
Belgium proposes reactor lifetime limit2002-04-01NucNet news # 89/02
Belgium evaluates wast options2002-04-01NucNet background # 2/02
Lithuania estimates decommissioning costs2002-04-01Ux Weekly 11/3/02, TradeTech NMR 8/3/02
New Japanese reactor enters commecial operation2002-04-01NucNet news # 41/02
New Chenese reactors crank up2002-04-01NucNet business news # 9/02, news # 75/02
Record Canadian uranium production2002-04-01Cameco 7/2/02, CRI 14/1/02
Canada passes nuclear waste legislation2002-04-01UNECAN News Dec 2001, CNA 28/2/02, NucNet news 88/02
British Energy creditor agreement2003-03-01
Uk to close first-generation reactors2003-03-01
EU survey highlights energy attitudes2003-03-01
French publish cost projections2003-03-01
France to restart its fast-breeder reactor2003-03-01
US & Russia revive plutonium shutdown plans2003-03-01
Russia takes over Armenian reactor2003-03-01
South Korea adds two reactors2003-03-01
Japanese high court blocks re-start of Monju fast reactor2003-03-01
Areva considers share in PBMR2004-03-01(SA) Business Report 23/2/04, Nucleonics Week 26/2 & 25/3/04
Russian nuclear exports flourish2004-03-01Fresh Fuel 2/2/04
Russia proposes leasing reactors2004-03-01NucNet news #56/04, Kurchatov Inst.
Russian reorganisation2004-03-01Nucleonics Week 18/3/04
German repository muddle2004-03-01SpentFuel 16/2/04; DATF
New South Korean reactor starts up2004-03-01SpentJuel 16/2/04
New Chinese reactor starts up2004-03-01Xinhua 11/3/04
China to quadruple nuclear capacity by 20202004-03-01FreshFuel 15/3/04
And South Africa gets into (pebble) Bed with China2005-03-01
China power plant bids submitted2005-03-01
Large new Indian reactor starts up2005-03-01
Beverley reports progress2002-04-01Heathgate 8 & 12/2/02
Australia lines up with USA on climate change2002-04-01australian 1 & 8/3/02
OECD report positive re nuclear prospects2002-04-01OECD NEA, Trends in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, 2001
OECD publication on external costs of energy2002-04-01NucNet background # 1/02
Pangea's non-commercial successor2002-04-01ARIUS 22/2/02
Molten salt reactors show promise for hydrogen economy2002-04-01OECD NEA 2001, Trends in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Tepco submits final inspections report on its reactor2003-03-01
India ready to build large fast reactor2003-03-01
Nuclear steam for Alberta oil sands?2003-03-01
Canada's 2002 mine production lower2003-03-01
Bruce Power sale finalised in Canada2003-03-01
Australian uranium production lower2003-03-01
Olympic Dam radiation dose monitoring2003-03-01
Seven new reactors on line in 20022003-03-01
US report homes in on nuclear threats2003-03-01
India to accelerate reactor construction2004-03-01NPCIL 22/3/04, NucNet News # 66/04, Nucleonics Week 18/3/04
Agreement on new Pakistan reactor2004-03-01Trade Tech NMR 12/3/04
Japan study on power costs2004-03-01Atoms in Japan Feb 2004
Japan MOX progress2004-03-01Nucleonics Week 25/3/04
South Korea solicits waste site interest2004-03-01SpentFuel 9/2/04
Ninth Japanese waste shipment2004-03-01Khaleej Times 4/3/04, SpentFuel 8/3/04
Pakistan admission on technology2004-03-01FT 2,3 & 13/2/04
Ontario review: geen light for Pickering2004-03-01Review report 18/3/04, Toronto Sun 21/3/04
Bruce Power examines options in Ontario2004-03-01Bruce Power 29/1/04, Cameco 27 & 29, Nucleonics Week 5/2/04
Canadian oil sands prospect2004-03-01Nuclear Canada 10/2/04
Cameco reports production2004-03-01Cameco 27/1/04
Uranium production improves2004-03-01WMCR 15/1/04, DITR 15/2/04
New UN report on Chernobyl recovery2002-04-01UNDP Report 22/1/02,
Published uranium prices Jan 1995 - Mar 20022002-04-01
Proposal for accelerated removal of weapons uranium2003-03-01
Huge Russian military clean-up clear to begin2003-03-01
Published uranium prices2003-03-01
International review of low-level waste repository2004-03-01ARPANSA 29/1/04
OECD liability provisions updated2004-03-01OECD/NEA 11/2/04, Nucleonics Week 19/2/04
USA supports IAEA measures2004-03-01Platts 24/2/04, Bush speech, 11/2/04
Uranium prices and reactor changes2005-03-01
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