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The hydrogen future?2002-06-01Forsberg & Peddicord; Hoffman; Wade et al.
A collection of nuclear energy news from around the world2003-06-01
...and Dept of Energy opts for more research2003-09-01The Future of Nuclear Power; MIT, July 2003; DOE Advanced...
EU enlargement brings nuclear boost2004-05-01
International collaboration boosts pebble bed prospect2005-05-01
House of Representatives approves Yucca Mountain repository2002-06-01NucNet news # 169/02
Large reactor to be recommissioned2002-06-01NucNet news 176/02, Ux Weekly 20/5/02
Record US nuclear power production2002-06-01NEI Nuclear Energy Overview 15/4/02, Ux Weekly 22/4/02
Senate passes energy bill2002-06-01NEI Nuclear Energy Overview 29/4/02
Seabrook nuclear plant sold2002-06-01NucNet business news # 23/02, FPL 15/4/02
Certification sought for new reactor types2002-06-01NucNet news #128/02, Platts 9/5/02
Russia firms nuclear power resolve2003-06-01
Agreements on new reactor development2005-05-01
Major power uprate for US reactor2002-06-01TradeTech NMR 5/4/02
US enrichment shake-up2002-06-01TradeTech NMR 19/4/02
US reactor damage rated as serious incident2002-01-01NucNet news # 127/02
US public opinion firmly supportive2002-06-01NucNet news # 121/02, Bisconti Research
Finns vote for fifth reactor2002-06-01Finergy 24/5/02, NecNet news # 187/02, background # 8/02
British Energy progress on nuclear aims2002-06-01BE 15/5/02, FT 6/5/02
EU poll homes in on nuclear wastes2002-06-01Foratom 3/5/02
UK to re-evaluate spent fuel options2002-06-01Forsberg & Peddicord 2001; Hoffman; Wade et al. 2002
Bugaria to revive power plant construction2002-06-01Ux weekly 8/4/02, ANSTO, NucNet news # 182/02
NRC extends life of more reactors2003-06-01Ux Weekly 12/5/03; NucNet news #160/03; NEI Nuclear Energy..
Energy bills advance in Congress2003-06-01Ux Weekly 14/4/03; Nucleonics Week 17/4/03; NEI Nuclear...
US regulators plan to work wih Canada and UK2003-06-01Platts 31/3/03; NucNet news #179/03
Report on staged development of Yucca Mountain2003-06-01National Academies 6/2/03; SpentFuel 31/3/03
Us spent fuel security affirmed2003-06-01NEI Nuclear Energy Overview 21/4/03
New study updates nuclear economics2003-06-01NEI Nuclear Energy Overview 21/4/03
Swiss refect nuclear power phase-out2003-06-01NucNet news #171 & 172/03
Finland acceptw reactor bids2003-06-01Nucleonics Week 3 & 17/4/03
Bulgaria considers reactor options2003-06-01Nucleonics Week 3/4/03;
Ukraine moves forward on new reactors2003-06-01Nucleonics Week 20 & 27/3/03; FreshFuel 24/3/03; Energy in..
US consortia propose new reactor licences2004-05-01
US companies consider new reactor2004-05-01
US licence renewals and uprates2004-05-01
US senate ratifies additional protocol with IAEA2004-05-01
EU nuclear package fails to get support2004-05-01
Sweden firms pro-nuclear sentiment2004-05-01
Ambitious Swedish uprate program2004-05-01
French energy bill supports EPR2004-05-01
Two more reactor licence extensions2005-05-01
Fine for reactor operator2005-05-01
Russian loan for new Ukraine reactors2002-06-01NucNet news # 116/02
Veteran power plants closed2002-06-01Russia Journal 7/5/02, Nuclear Issues April 2002
EU energy priorities announced2002-06-01NucNet background # 6/02 & 45/01; & see paper on...
New Chinese reactors ahead of schedule2002-06-01NucNet news # 151 & 157/02
Japan reaffirms nuclear energy, including MOX2002-06-01NucNet news # 112 & 149/02, TradeTech NMR 22/3/02, SpentFuel
India moves forward on nuclear power2002-06-01NucNet news # 124-5/02, Nucleonics Week 28/3 & 4/4/02
Baltic partnership for new Ignalina plant2003-06-01Ux Weekly 31/3 & 26/5/03; TradeTech NMR 31/3/03,\; Nucleo...
Czech proposal to bouble Temelin2003-06-01Ux Weekly 26/5/03; TradeTech NMR 23/5/03
Sweden strengthens nuclear support2003-06-01NucNet news #167/03; Reuters 22/5/03
Constuction starts on new Ramanian reactor2003-06-01AECL 17/4/03
UK ponders plutonium disposition2003-06-01Nucleonics Week 17/4/03
Revision of waste categories proposed2003-06-01Nucleonics Week 27/3/03
Hungarion fuel damage rated 3 on INES scale2003-06-01Nucleonics Week 24/4 &1/5/03; Platts 12/5/03
New German research reactor licensed2003-06-01Nucleonics Week 24/4/03, & cf Research Reactors briefing/...
UK report concludes Sellafield saga2003-06-01BNFL 12/5/03
Norway protests to UK on marine discharges2003-06-01NARINA II summary report August 2002,Nucleonics Week 15/5/03
China to help build new Pakistan reactor2003-06-01NucNet news #125/03
Longer lifetimes for Swedish and Spanish reactors2004-05-01
Russian reactor site approved2004-05-01
Major European study of geological disposal2004-05-01
European Commission approves loan for Cernavoda2004-05-01
BNFL applies technetium fix2004-05-01
Bulgaria proceeding with Belene2004-05-01
Ukraine to build further reactor2004-05-01
BNFL cleans up structure2004-05-01
Green light for Japanese reactor2005-05-01
...with next step in thorium program2002-06-01ENS NucNet news # 336/97, Nucleonics Week 18/4/02
Vietnam raises nuclear energy prospect2002-06-01NucNet news # 129/02
Canada sets guidelines for reactor restart2002-06-01Nucleonixs Week 11/4/02
Licence for research reactor construction2002-06-01ARNANSA 5/4/02,
Quarterly Australian U production2002-06-01WMC 15/4/02, ERA 15/4/02
Euratom sounds warning on uranium supply2002-06-01Ux Weekly 20/5/02
Exelon to withdraw form PBMR project2002-06-01Exelon 16/4/02
New modular reactor for hydrogen & desalination2002-06-01Wade et al. 2002, Secure Transportable Atonomous Reactor...
Tokyo power crisis continues2003-06-01Ux Weekly 12 & 19/5/03; NucNet news #170/03, Reuters 27/5/03
Japanese reactor bows out2003-06-01Power in asia 3/4/03
Quake closes Japanese reactor2003-06-01Power in Asia 29/5/03
Russia leans on Iran over safeguards2003-06-01Financial Times 26/5/03
McArthur River mine flooded2003-06-01Cameco 9 & 14/4/03, 29/5/03
Canadian nuclear waste policy2003-06-01SpentFuel 21/4/03
Ontario decommissioning costs2003-06-01SpentFuel 12/4/03
Nuclear steam for tar sands2003-06-01Nuclear Canada 15/5/03
Australian uranium production steady2003-06-01WMC 15/4/03: ERA 29/4/03
New Japanese reactor in service2004-05-01
Further Japanese reactors approved2004-05-01
Chinese-Korean thrust into nuclear production of hydrogen2004-05-01
China's Qinshan-3 in commercial operation2004-05-01
New Kazakh uranium mine2004-05-01
Canada's new reactor on course2004-05-01
Bruce Power uprates four reactors2004-05-01
Canadian 2003 mine production2004-05-01
WA government revokes U mine agreement2004-05-01
South Africa contract for fuel plant2005-05-01
Low-level ratiation review2002-06-01
Concern about radiation double standard2002-06-01Nucleonics Week 25/4/02
Invisible rays - a history of radioactivity2002-06-01IHL
Published uranium prices Jan 1995 - Jul 20022002-06-01
Low-level waste repository site conformed2003-06-01Kemp & McGauran media releases 9/5/03, cf
Honeymoon marks time2003-06-01FreshFuel 26/5/03, Ux Weekly 2/6/03
USEC drops support for SILEX enrichment2003-06-01Iilex 121/3 & 1/5/03, USEC 30/4/03
Eskom confirms backing of PMBR2003-06-01NucNet news # 176/03
New world energy projections2003-06-01Foratom 13/5/03, NucNet news # 168/03, NEI Nuclear Energy...
Russian clean-up agreement signed2003-06-01Nucleonics Week 22 & 29/5/03, cf Newsletter #2/03
Honeymoon resource confirmed2004-05-01
Australian uranium production2004-05-01
Six reactors come on line in 20032004-05-01
Suppliers endorse need for electric reliability2004-05-01
World nuclear power prospects2004-05-01
Additional Protocols extend IAEA safeguards2004-05-01
Uranium prices and reactor changes2004-05-01
Uranium prices and reactor changes2005-05-01
North Korea quits NPT2003-06-01Tradetech NMR 16/5/03
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