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WNA interviewed Hugh Collum, Cairman of BNFL, a state-owned corporation at ...2002-08-01
Anne Lauvergeon is Chairman & CEO, AREVA, which is the govenment-owned parent co2003-07-01
China sets up nuclear future2004-07-01
India-USA accord on nuclear power2005-07-01
Australian debate on nuclear power2005-07-01Australian 27/5 & 2-4, 10, 13/6/05; AFR 19/4/05, Age 20/4/05
US reactor sale and licence extension2005-07-01Platts 1/7/05, Nucleonics Week 7/7/05,Nuclear Energy Overv..
US Congress breaks impasse on nuclear wastes2002-08-01DOE EIS February 2002, NEI 10/7/02
Energy future for a smaller coal-dependent country2004-07-01
Energy future for a smaller caol-dependent country2004-07-01
Congress passes Energy Policy Act2005-07-01Trade Tech NMR 31/7/05, Nucleonics Week 30/6 & 28/7/05, N...
Nuclear generation costs fall2005-07-01Nucleonics Week 7/7/05
Nuclear task force reports2005-07-01Trade Tech NMR 3/6/05, Nuclear Energy Overview 23/5/05
Energy bills incorporate reprocessing provision2005-07-01Nucleonics Week 23/6/05, NEI Nuclear Energy Overview 20/6/05
First US weapons plutonium makes electricity2005-07-01Nuclear Eng. International 15/6/05
Public support for nuclear grows2005-07-01NucNet News # 100/05
France to host ITER fusion reactor2005-07-01NucNet news #107/05, Nuclear Engineering International 28/6/
Dutch reversal on nuclear policy2005-07-01Nucleonics Week 30/6/05
German conservative parties set out nuclear policy2005-07-01Nuclear Engineering International 13/7/05
Swedish reactor shuts down2005-07-01Nucleonics Week 2/6/05
US nuclear costs down, gas costs markedly up2002-08-01NEI Nuclear Energy Overview 20/5/02
Further boosts to US power plants2002-08-01NucNet news # 206 & 222/02, Ux Weekly
Commitment to new US enrichment capacity2002-08-01USEC 18/6/02, Silex 20/6/02 & 2001 Annual Report,Ux Weekly..
US plans major nuclear R&D centre2002-08-01DOE 17/7/02, NucNet news 249/02
Cameco purchases Smith Ranch mine2002-08-01Cameco 19/6/02
EC supports nuclear energy in sustainable development2002-08-01EC 26/6/02, NucNet news # 250/02
Plutonium: problem and potential2003-07-01
US energy bills progress2003-07-01
Funding boost for Yucca Mountain2003-07-01
Industry takes stock after 50 years2003-07-01
Contractors sought for nuclear R&D and new reactors2004-07-01
Government backs reactor study2004-07-01
Reactor performance and capacity continue to rise2004-07-01
Yucca Mountain on display2004-07-01
French deal gives Italy nuclear power2005-07-01Nucleonics Week 2/6/05
Swiss parliament reaffirms nuclear policy2002-08-01NucNet news # 219/02
New Czech reactor starts up2002-08-01NucNet news # 192/02, NuclearFuel 27/5/02
UK white paper on nuclear legacy, BNFL writes off historic liabilities2002-08-01DTI 4/7/02, BNFL 21/6/02 & 16/7/02,
UK white paper on nuclear legacy, BNFL writes off historic liabilities2002-08-01DTI 4/7/02, BNFL 21/6/02 & 16/7/02
Funding for new east European reactors2002-08-01NucNet business news # 40/02, Nucleonics Week 27/6/02
Sweden to initiate talks on nuclear future2002-08-01Nucleonics Week 13/6/02, NucNet background # 10/02
Russia plans major radwaste facilities2002-08-01TradeTech NMR 31/5/02, NucNet news 202 & 205/02,Nucleonics..
Urenco increasing enrichment capacity by 12%2003-07-01
UK moves on radioactive wastes2003-07-01
BNFL loss and review2003-07-01
British Energy writes down reactors2003-07-01
Russian plant life extension program2003-07-01
Ukraine presses ahead for new reactors2003-07-01
Bulgarian reactor inspection positive2003-07-01
French fast reactor restarts2003-07-01
French Academy backs nuclear for health2003-07-01
Contract to wind up Russian military plutonium production2003-07-01
Russian plutonium disposition costs rise2003-07-01
EURATOM Treaty survives politics2003-07-01
Reprieve sought for Slovak and Bulgarian reactors2004-07-01
UK radioactive committee decays2005-07-01Times 3/6/05
Cogema begins reprocessing research reactor fuel2005-07-01Platts 9/6/05
Russia confirms floating nuclear plant2005-07-01Times 30/7/05, Nucleonics Week 28/7/05
New Japanese reactor in operation2005-07-01Atoms in Japan 4/7/05
Mitsubishi to bid for Westinghouse2005-07-01AFR 12/7/05, Nucleonics Week 14/7/05
Japan's Supreme Court affirms Monju2005-07-01Atoms in Japan 3/5/05
Japan to push LWR development2005-07-01Ux Weekly 13/6/05, Atoms in Japan 15/6/05 & 19/7/05
New Indian reator on line2005-07-01Nuclonics Week 9/6/05
South Africa to protect uranium2005-07-01Ux Weekly, 13/6/05
China safety authority to boost capacity2005-07-01Nucleonics Week 16/6/05
South Korean nuclear resolve2005-07-01Asia Pulse 27/6/05, Power in Asia 21/7/05
BNFL wins large German MOX contract2002-08-01BNFL 24/5/02
Finland wins large Geman MOX contract2002-08-01NucNet news # 206/02
Nuclear power cost-effective in UK for Kyoto2002-08-01NucNet business news # 29/02
Lithuania to close second reactor in 20092002-08-01Nucleonics Week 13/6/02
New Chinise reactor in commercial operation2002-08-01Xinhua 28/5/02
Russian progress on Chinese projects2002-08-01Nuc Net business news # 44/02
MOX shipment departs Japan2002-08-01BNFL 4/7/02
Bruce Power to upgrade plant2002-08-01NucNet business news # 34/02
New Canadian reactor design launched2002-08-01AECL June 2002, Nukem Market Report June 2002, NEI Nuclear..
New Chinese reactor on line2003-07-01
More Japanese reactors restarting2003-07-01
Japan examines fuel cycle costs2003-07-01
Eighth waste shipment to Japan2003-07-01
Korean waste repository announced2003-07-01
Ontario extends tax breaks to nuclear power2003-07-01
Canadian indigenous groups campaign for mine2003-07-01
Cameco resumes McArther River mining2003-07-01
Quarterly uranium production2003-07-01
Green light for pebble-bed reactor2003-07-01
IAEA focuses on innovation2003-07-01
Iran and North Korea: continuing concern2003-07-01
Backflip on waste repository2004-07-01
New Brunswick to refurbish powerplant2005-07-01NB govt 29/7/05
Canadian uranium production up slightly2005-07-01Cameco, CRI
Spent fuel plans recycled2005-07-01NWMO 24/5/05
BHP Billiton wins control of Olympic Dam2005-07-01BHP 3 & 17/6/05, WMCR 6/6/05
Australian uranium production edges up2005-07-01ERA 22/7/05, WMCR, Heathgate
Southern Cross to merge with aflease2005-07-01SXR 5/7/05
Sites announced for radioactive wastes2005-07-01DEST media release 15/7/05
World nuclear output up in 20042005-07-01IAEA
Ethical funds remove uranium screen2005-07-01BT 30/6/05
Westinghouse coopts Chinese expertise2005-07-01Ux Weekly 11/7/05, Nuclonics Week 14/7/05
Canada's McArthur River reserves up2002-08-01
Australian uranium production and exports down2002-08-01DITR, WMC, ERA
Nuclar electricity up strongly in 20012002-08-01iaea
Japan reports progress in burning Russian weapons plutonium2002-08-01Atoms iN Japan June 2002
Implementation of Kyoto Protocol moves closer2002-08-01Age & Australian 5/6/02, Atoms in Japan May 2002
Clarification of terrorist vulnerability2002-08-01NEI Infowire 18/6/02, Nucet background # 9/02
Published uranium prices Jan 1995 - Jul 20022002-08-01
UN commission lifts irradiation limits on food2003-07-01
OSPAR puts marine radioactivity into perspective2003-07-01
IAEA releases statistics2003-07-01
ICRP simplifies radiation protection2003-07-01
Radiation detectors alarmed by patient2003-07-01
Uranium prices and reactor changes2003-07-01
Uranium prices and reactor changes2004-07-01
Hopes for multilateral design approval2005-07-01Platts 14/6/05
Silex uranium enrichment success2005-07-01Silex 19/5/05
European CO2 emission price heads north2005-07-01
Asia-Pacific climate initiative2005-07-01FT 29/7/05, Economist 30/7/05
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