Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing

Plaats: London, UK
nummer 29
South Korea: plan to add 10 new neuclear power reactors2001-07-17Ux Weekly
(Zonder titel: a package of laws permitting the import and storage)2001-07-17Reuters
(Zonder titel: BNFL is assessing the best way to recover the accident with2001-07-01BNFL
(Zonder titel: jointly fund research of the US and France)2001-07-17Ux Weekly; Nuclear Market Review
Mongolia: International Uranium Corp (IUC) has added six ...2004-07-14International Uranium Corp, 15 July
Kyrgyzstan: A government-backed commission has approved a project...2004-07-14Nuclear Market Review, 16 July, p2; Ux Weekly,19 July, p5
US: A request by Nuclear Management Co (NMC) to raise the generating capacity...2004-07-14Nuclear Market Review, 16 July, p3; SpentJuel, 19 July, p6
US: The Nuclear Regulatory Commision (NRC) expects 12 new applications ...2004-07-14Nucleonics Week, 15 July, p3
US: Two missing fuel rod pieces at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant ...2004-07-14Reuters, 16 July; Platts Nuclear News Flashes, 16 July
France: The regional government of Rhone-Alpes has voted narrowly against ...2004-07-14Nuclonics Week, 15 July, p10
Netherlands: A study related to the introduction of new nuclear capacity ...2004-07-14NucNet News, 151/04, 20 July
It would be beneficial, in terms of diversity, security of supply and ...2005-07-20Platts Nuclear News Flashes, 21 July
There are no significant environmental impacts from extended operation...2005-07-20NRC, 22 July
US: An application to renew the operating licence of single-unit Oyster Creek...2005-07-20FNuclear Merket Review, 22 July, p3; Ux Weekly, 25 July, p4
US: The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has decided to begin to write-off...2005-07-20TVA, 22 July
Canada: New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord will announce on 29 July...2005-07-20Nucleonics Week, 21 July, p17
Lithuania: Politicians from Tevine Sajunga - the country's opposition ...2005-07-20RIA Novosti, 22 July; Ux Weekly, 25 July, p4
Australia: federal Labor leader Kim Beazley has called on his party to scrap...2006-07-19
US: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has issued its final EIS...2006-07-19NRC,25 July
US: An 8% uprate of FirstEnergy's two-unit Beaver Valley...2006-07-19NRC, 20 July
UK: Extending the operating life of the Wylfa nuclear power plant...2006-07-19NDA, 20 July; BBC News Online, 20 July
UK: British Nucear Group (BNG) has received formal approval...2006-07-19BNG 25 July
Switzerland: Bernische Kraftwerke Energie AG (BKW) has appealed...2006-07-19Nucleonics Week, 20 July
Sweden: Plans for decommissioning the Barseback-1 and -2 ...2006-07-19Nucleonics Week, 20 July, p14
Financial parameters offered by the two bidders to construct the Belene...2006-07-19Energy in east Europe, 21 July, p13; FreshFuel, 24 July, p4
The German Cabinet is expected to pass the so-called 'Atom Consensus'2001-07-17Ux Weekly
(Zonder titel: Borsele closed in 2004?)2001-07-17Nuc Net News
(Zonder titel: uprate of US Susquehanna reactors)2001-07-17Ux Weekly
(Zonder titel: Russian Novovoronezh-4 and -4 operating longer)2001-07-17NucNet News
(Zonder titel: plans for operation Balakova VVERs)2001-07-17Wx Weekly
France: Cattenom-3 will be off-line for 'several more weeks'2001-07-17Nucleonics Week
(Zonder titel: US bill for energy programs slashes funds for high level waste)2001-07-17Reuters; SpentFUEL; Nuclear Energy Overview
(Zonder titel: new reprocessing plant in Japan)2001-07-17SpentFUEL
Switserland: First shipment of spent fuel assemblies arrived at interim facility2001-07-17Nucleonics Week
An underwater robot has tested radiation levels around the sunken Kursk2001-07-17CNN
(Zonder titel: Investigation ordered into weather French citizens fell sick)2001-07-17Reuters
(Zonder titel: Contaminated plutonium may have been stolen)2001-07-17Guardian
Ukraine: Fuel loading of the new Khmelnitsky-2 ...2004-07-14European Commission, 20 July
Switserland: Projected costs for decommisioning...2004-07-14Nucleonics Week, 15 July, p2
US: The trial to determine the monetary damages to three Yankee ...2004-07-14SpentFUEL, 19 July, p2
Australia: The government has abondoned plans to site ...2004-07-14Prime Minister of Australia Media Release, 14 July
US: Work at the Los Alamos nuclear research facility has been suspended2004-07-14Financial Times, 20 July, p8
Czech Republic: Support for the use and development of nuclear energy2005-07-20NucNet News, 121/05
Poland should begin work on plans to construct its first nuclear power plant, ..2006-07-19NucNet World Nuclear Review, 29/06, 21 July
Ukraine: Energoatom announced a tender for a feasibility study for completion...2006-07-19Nucleonics Week, 20 July, p10
Russia: Financing is reportedly in place for completion of the Volgodonsk-2...2006-07-19NucNet World Nuclear review, 29/06, 21 July
The department of Energy (DOE) announced that it would submit ...2006-07-19DOE, 19 July; SpentFUEL, 24 July, p1; Nuclear Energy Overv..
UK: The government confirmed that it is actively considering selling part ...2006-07-19Financial Times, 21 July, p16; Guardian, 21 July, p26
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