Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing

Plaats: London, UK
Jaargang 2, nummer 4
Datum: 22 januari 2002
Finland: The government approved an application by Teollisuuden Voima OyFinnish Ministry of Trade and Industry, 17 Jan; NucNet News.
Germany: Some 47% of the population believe that the country's current policy...SpentFUEL, 21 Jan, p2; NucNet News, 20/02, 17 Jan
Australia: WMC Ltd's Olympic Dam operation produced 678 tonnes U3O8...Mining Journal, 18 Jan, p43; Nuclear Market Review, 18 Jan,.
Australia: Apower cut on 11 January during scheduled maintenance...Nuclear Market Review, 18 Jan, p2; Ux Weekly, 14 Jan, p6
Debate by decision-makers over the European Commission's Green Paper...Nucleonics Week, 10 Jan, p5
Nuclear-related expenditure by Japan's power companies...NucNet Business News, 5/02, 21 Jan
Austria: 915 220 people signed a petition...BBC News Online, 21 Jan; Reuters, 21 Jan
Taiwan: Taipower now aims to start commercial operation of Lungmen-1...NucNet Business News, 4/02, 17 Jan
US: There is no reason to cancel the restart of the Browns Ferry-1 reactor...Ux Weekly, 21 Jan, p3
Japan Nuclear Fuel (JNFL) is investigating whether water is leaking...NucNet News, 18/02, 16 Jan; SpentFUEL, 21 Jan, p3
China: Contrary to reports that preliminary infrastructure work had started...Nucleonics Week, 10 Jan, p8
Two fuel rods missing from the Millstone-1 nuclear power reactor...Association Press, 16 Jan
The decision on who to award the contract to construct facilities ...Ux Weekly, 21 Jan, p2
An additional US$12 million will be committed...SpentFUEL, 21 Jan, p1
Canada: Ontario Power Generation (OPG) announced plans...NucaNet Business News, 4/02, 17 Jan; Nuclear Market Review..
Myanmar (formerly Burma) plans to build its first nuclear reactor...
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