Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing

Plaats: London, UK
Jaargang 6, nummer 46
Datum: 15 november 2006
The Senate voted 85-12 to approve the US-India Civilian Nuclear AgreementAssociated Press, 17 November
South Africa: sxr Uranium One Inc announced that it had agreed termssxr Uranium One, 17 November
Planning for a trial uranium mining and processing program at TrekkopjeUraMin, 20 November
The long-awaited Royalty Framework for the country's mining industryPaladin, 14 November
Australia could have a nuclear power reactor in operation in as little as ten yeDPMC, 21 November
Strathmore Minerals Corp has purchases some 250 hectares of landStrathmore, 20 November
An order detailing a tentative schedule that anticipates a licensing decisionUSEC, 20 November
Progress Energy has submitted a licence-renewal applicationProgress Energy, 14 November
Brazil is willing to spend the US$1.7 billion needed to complete the Angra-3FReshFUEL, 20 November
Just 34% of the public supports the construction of new nuclear powerFinancial Times, 20 November
Construction of the world's first floating nuclear power plantNucNet News, 249/06, 16 November
Haripur in the state of West Bengal has reportedly been identifiedUx Weekly, 20 November
Malaysia has not yet formed a policy on wether to use nuclear energyUX Weekly, 20 November
An application for permission to decommission the FugenAtoms in Japan, 7 November
An agreement to establish the international organizationITER, 21 November
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