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nr titel auteur datum Financing the Hinkley Point C project S.Thomas januari 2020 C Public Inquiry: Local and Environmental issuesCOLA nr 53 mei 1989 C Public Inquiry: Local and Environmental IssuesCOLA nr 55 mei 1989 nuclear power station Hinkley Point 'C' Somerset-proof of evidenceCOLA nr 52 mei 1989 submitted by the participants in the inquiry and documents received up to 15 november 1988 december 1988 Point C public inquiryF.P.Jenkin december 1988 performance of PWRsFOE, S.D.Thomas december 1988 costs of the PWRCPRE, R.Grove-White december 1988 Hinkley Inquirer, issues 1-23Stop Hinkley Expansion oktober 1988

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