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nr titel auteur datum 1977-2019 TMI Alert. Four Decades of VigilanceTMI Alert maart 2019 25 years Three Mile Island. Clouds of Doubt Still RemainTMI Alert maart 2004 title) Harrisburg chronology since unit-2 accident 1979TMI Alert februari 2002 Problems since Unit-1 start-upTMI Alert 2002 Cancer near the Three Mile Island nuclear plantHatch, J.Beyea, J.Nieves, M.Susser augustus 1990 A Decade of Delay, Deceit and Danger. TMI 1979-1989TMI Alert 1989 and smell implications of the hypothetical emission of nonradioactive chemicals at TMI. Project 14. DraftR.Martyr mei 1988 report on TMI Dosimetry ProjectTMI Dosimetry Project mei 1988 Consequences of the TMI Nuclear AccidentJay M.Gould mei 1987 report on the TMI effluent & environmental monitoringGPU Nuclear Corporation 1987 and Health effects. Report on TMI-2 accident and related health studiesGPU Nuclear Corporation juni 1986 the accident at the Three Mile Island PWR Seven Years LaterFOE maart 1986 for rehearingUS Supreme Court oktober 1985 Thirty minutes to meltdownDaniel F.Ford 1982 van HarrisburgVMD februari 1981 long-term consequences of hypothetical major releases of radioactivity to the atmosphere from Three Mile Island. PU/CEES #109Jan Beyea december 1980 Understanding the Three Mile Island accidentRosalie Bertell november 1980* and the politics of public healthG.K.MacLeod november 1980 safety after TMI. EPRI JournalEPRI juni 1980 ongeluk in kerncentrale HarrisburgKemeny-rapport 1980 Mile Island- the hour-by-hour accountMark Stephens 1980 People of Three Mile Island (photobook)Robert Del Tredici 1980 Infant mortality changes following the Three Mile Island accidentE.Sternglass 1980 Bericht. Bewertung des Störfalles im KKWBundesmin. des Innern juni 1979 TMI-2 StoryGPU mei 1979 dose and health impact of the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear stationL.Battist mei 1979 Three Mile IslandWashington Post 1979 Mile Island. Friends of the Earth Research paper No. 2FOE US 1979 of verbatim records of meetings of the NRC. Vol.1US NRC 1979 of verbatim records of meetings of the NRC. Vol.2US NRC 1979

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