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nr titel auteur datum Fallout on Countries Downwind from French Pacific Nuclear Weapons Testing. Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau, Tonga and Tuvalu januari 2018* Ending Nuclear testing in the Pacific: Bishop Bryce and the Pacific Conference of ChurchesChristine Weir december 2012 Activities, Campaigns and Projects of the European Centre on Pacific IssuesECSIEP augustus 1999 radiological situation at the atolls of Mururoa and FangataufaIAEA 1998 women speak out For independence and denuclearisationZohl dé Ishtar 1998 and Us. Polynesians' experiences during Thirty Years of Nuclear Testing in the French Vries, H.Seur september 1997 und Wir. Erfahrungen der Polynesier während 30 Jahren Atomtests im französischen Vries, H.Seur september 1997 het bloemengordijnM.Helmer 1991 PacificM.Helmer, D.van Teeseling 1989 Reign. French nuclear colonialism in the PacificBengt & Marie-Therese Danielsson 1986ë- proeftuin van de Franse atoommachtPacific werkgroep 1985üdseeparadies unter dem Atompilz. Tahiti - Französisch-PolynesienUlrich Delius oktober 1982 ... ... 18.000 kmMouvement por le Desarmament 1981 van het paradijsVrouwen voor Vrede Nijmegen 1981 Polynesia-the nuclear testsGreenpeace 1980 Mon Amour. French nuclear tests in the PacificBengt & Marie-Therese Danielsson 1977 Croisière NucléaireDavid Mc Taggart 1975 Paper on French Nuclear TestsMinistère des Affaires Étrangeres juni 1973

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  • MURUROA ook Fangataufa: eilanden Pacific; locatie Franse kernproeven