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nr titel auteur datum Test Ban Treaty: Now Or NeverAcronym oktober 1995 Test Ban Treaty: The EndgameAcronym april 1996 How Much Is Enough?Allan S.Krass /SIPRI 1985 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: Signed but not Sealed. A review of the CTBT Negotations January-September 1996Disarmament Intelligence Review mei 1997 a Comprehensive Test Ban TreatyEuropean Test Ban Coalition maart 1993 nuclear war. The case for a Comprehensive Test Ban TreatyGreenpeace int. juli 1984* Times. The Global Stake in a Nuclear Test banP.Bidwai, A.Vanaik 1996 CTBT and BeyondUN Inst. for Disarmament Research november 1994 of a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty from Space: A Preliminary StudyUN Inst. for Disarmament Research december 1994

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