Internal contamination of radiation workers during radioactive waste management

On 2nd December 2013 three radiation workers opened 4 metal drums filled with compacted radioactive wastes containing 241-Am. The purpose of opening the drums was the waste sorting and compaction of waste at higher pressure. During operation contamination occurred. The control measurements found the worker’s hands, clothing, and the waste compactor room contaminated.
The workers were measured by whole body-counter. According the whole-body measurements carried out on 12th December the activities of incorporated 241-Am were as follows: 0,9 kBq, 1,8 kBq and 9,0 kBq for the three workers, respectively.
Further whole-body counting measurements and urine analysis are on-going to get more accurate data and to confirm the first measurements.

Location: Rad. Waste and Disposal Facility at Puspokszilagy
Event date: Mon, 02-12-2013
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