Overexposure to Radiographer

The Lead Radiographer and three assistant radiographers were completing two exposures lasting 35 seconds each. The set-up time for the exposures was approximately 15 to 18 minutes. After completing two exposures, one individual noticed that his pocket dosimeter read off scale, a second individual read their dosimetry at 0.5 mSv (50 mrem), the third individual read their pocket dosimeter as off scale, and the fourth individual was not wearing a dosimeter. Two individuals were wearing functioning rate meters and two were not. Additionally, the radiography crew was using a survey meter that was determined after the event to have had an electrical short and therefore was not functioning properly. Dosimetry for the three individuals that were wearing dosimetry was sent for emergency processing. The dosimetry readings were determined to be: 1) 112 mSv (11.2 rem), 2) 50 mSv (5.0 rem), and 3) minimal. The minimal reading was determined to be invalid since it was discovered that this individual left their dosimetry in their hard hat which they did not have with them at the time of the two exposures. For the fourth individual, who was not wearing any dosimetry, the licensee has estimated a preliminary dose of up to 450 mSv (45 rem). The licensee is in the process of confirming the dose to the third individual and the estimated dose to the fourth individual. NRC EN50904.

Location: Alabaster, Alabama/Vital Inspection Professionals
Event date: Tue, 17-03-2015
Nuclear event report
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