Loss of radioactive source (Cs-137, Bac Kan, 2015)

The lost radioactive source is Cs-137 (sealed source, code number: CS-137DT, made in China) with an activity of 4,5 mCi in July, 21st 2010. The source was installed in the level gauge, used to control the clinker automatic disposal system in the cement manufacturing factory of Bắc Kạn DATC joint stock company (DATC company), at Suối Viền, Xuất Hóa ward, Bắc Kạn city. At 8.30 am in 15/12/2015, legal representative of DATC company informed that the radioactive source had been stolen via telephone. Concurrently, the representative of DATC company had also informed the Băc Kạn police to ask police officers to investigate the scene. Despite the best effort of relevant agencies, the source has not been found.

Location: Bac Kan cement company/Bac Kan province
Event date: Tue, 15-12-2015
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