Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
26-06-20191Loss and subsequent recovery of a radiography device containing sourceChakan, Pune, India
21-06-20192Hand contamination of radiation workersSydney, ANM Facility, ANSTO Lucas Heights, Australia
06-05-20192Emergency diesel generators - earthquake resistance riskCIVAUX-1, France
24-04-20192Overexposure of a workerEiffage Energie Systeme – Clevia Ouest, France
11-04-20192Overexposure to RadiographerAlabaster, Alabama / Vital Inspection Professional, United States of America
31-03-20192Hand contamination and overexposure of workers at a nuclear medical facilityPET Scanning Facility, UK, United Kingdom
07-03-20192Dangerous Co60 sources discovered in scrap metal containersPort of Rotterdam, Netherlands
12-02-20192Potential uncontrolled access to room with radiation greater than 1000 mR / hrLAGUNA VERDE-1, Mexico
31-01-20192Overexposure of a worker (nuclear medicine department of a hospital, hands exposure)Angers Hospital, France
21-01-20191Drop of a source into a logging wellPécs, Hungary
16-01-20191Loss and subsequent recovery of a radioactive sourceRajahmundry, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., India
14-01-20191Lost and Subsequent Recovery of a Radioactive SourceWajedo International Corporation (Private) Limited, Pakistan
11-01-20191Co60 source discovered in a scrap metal deliveryPort of Hamburg, Germany
31-12-20182External corrosion affecting multiple systems on a power reactorDUNGENESS B, United Kingdom
18-12-20181Missing Tc-99m GeneratorSion, nuclear medicine institute, Switzerland
18-12-20183Overexposure of two workersIslamic Republic of Iran, KHORASANE RAZAVI province, Iran
24-09-20182Misdelivered Radioactive Transport PackagesExport packing company in vicinity of Heathrow, United Kingdom
21-09-20181Am-241 source meltingFinnish steel factory, Finland
15-09-20181Am-241 source meltingFinnish steel factory, Finland
26-07-20181Am-241 source meltingFinnish steel factory, Finland
06-07-20181Stolen industrial radiography device in Mexico CityMexico City, Mexico
26-06-20181Am-241 source meltingFinnish steel factory, Finland
06-04-20182Worker OverexposurePasadena, Texas / Techcorr USA Management LLC, United States of America
14-03-20182Worker OverexposureBenicia, California / Qualspec, LLC, United States of America
14-03-20182Overexposure of a workerVeterinary clinic in Tampere, Finland
08-02-20181Stolen Moisture/Density Gauge in León, GuanajuatoComunidad Santa Ana del Conde, León, Guanajuato., Mexico
01-12-20172Worker OverexposureBuford Georgia / Theragenics Corporation, United States of America
09-11-20172Insufficient seismic resistance of emergency diesel generatorsPALUEL-1, France
20-10-20172Overexposure of a radiologists (hands exposure)Hospital Delafontaine - Saint Denis (Paris region), France
16-10-20171Stolen and recovered radioagraphy cameraTepic, Nayarit, Mexico