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- Dutch links
- Research and databases
- Maps of reactors/proliferation
- Depleted Uranium
- exhibitions
- movies
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Nederlandse links (Dutch links)

Cultural Express
Een stichting die via kontakten onder kunstenaars, milieuaktivisten en Oost-Europakenners culturele evenementen en uitwisselingen stimuleert, voor de gevolgen van de kernramp in Tsjernobyl aandacht vraagt en voor kleinere projecten in het rampgebied geld inzamelt
Website van Greenpeace Nederland met nieuws o.a. over kernenergie en kernwapens
De Nederlandstalige website van WISE; een wereldwijd netwerk van burgers en milieuorganisaties die zich zorgen maken over kernenergie, radioactief afval en straling. WISE wil schone energie voor arm en rijk, zonder kernenergie en zonder CO2-uitstoot.
Landelijk Platform tegen Kernenergie
Stopkernenergie.nl is de website van het LPTK. Soms niet erg actueel, maar de email wordt over het algemeen wel snel beantwoord. Ze hebben ook telefoon; spreek een bericht in op 06 18 30 90 04
Hoewel een duits-talige site uit Münster is deze site belangrijk in Nederland omdat de site het laatste nieuws heeft over de transporten van (verarmd) uranium per trein van Gronau dwars door Nederland naar de Rotterdamse haven.

Hier kun je zoeken naar/in officiële stukken, waaronder die van de Eerste en Tweede Kamer
kernenergie startpagina
Starpagina met een overzicht van links naar kernenergie oranisaties (pro- en anti) en artikelen.

Research and databases

The World Information Service on Energy. Site includes regularly updated news from around the world.
Nuclear Information Service. News and analysis primarily on the United Kingdom civil nuclear industry. Link is no longer working, if anyone has an idea where N-Base can be found, please let us know
Nuclear Age History
This section examines the nuts and bolts of nuclear energy as well as political, social, environmental, and scientific concerns.
Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues
The library contains 2000 vetted, indexed annotations to reference on a broad range of nuclear topics
Multinational Monitor
Database on activities (including nuclear-related) of multinational corporations; back issues of Multinational Monitor magazine.
Corporate Watch
A variety of information on corporations and environmental issues, including a good section on how to research corporations.

Maps: Reactors and Proliferation

Nuclear Reactor Maps
Page by the International Nuclear Safety Center with index to all the maps of power reactor locations available from this site. All maps contain information on power reactors only. Experimental reactors and other nuclear facilities are not included in this set of maps.
Deadly Maps
The complete collection of maps from Carnegie's, Deadly Arsenals: Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Threats. The maps reflect the worldwide proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and their missile delivery systems. The country maps show the major nuclear installations, both civilian and military, in each country. Link is unfortunately no longer working, if anyone has an idea where it can be found, please let us know
IAEA Country Nuclear Power Profiles


A number of pages have a nice collection of material from the resistance against nuclear energy.

Laka poster exhibition
We start with posters from the anti nuclear struggle on the Laka-site.
collection of buttons
Triptych is a digital initiative of the US Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore College Libraries. It is the online catalogus that merges the collections of three colleges founded on the Quaker traditions of social conscience and thoughtful citizenship. This is the searchresult for "anti nuclear movement", and includes buttons from the anti-nuclearweapons movement
French anti-nuclear posters
This is a collection energy (including many anti-nuclear) posters from the French chapter of Friends of the Earth, Amis de la Terre
German posters
A number of posters from the German, French, Swiss border area. Many posters about the struggle in Wyhl which started off the anti-nuclear movement in Germany
Page with links to ancient (1950's) articles on 'the promises of nuclear power'. In German


There is no criteria which movies are on this list, other that dealing with important moments in the anti-nuclear struggle.

Plogoff, stones against rifles
Plogoff, february 1980. A whole population refuses the construction of a nuclear power plant in front of the "Ile de Saint". Nicole and Felix Garrec filmed day after day these daily fights and realized in 1981 a full-length documentary film
A Question of Power
(1986) A moving and informative documentary history of nuclear power and the U.S. antinuclear power movement. The film focuses on 35 years of grassroots opposition to the “peaceful atom” in California where the movemenet was born.
Seabrook 1977
In April 1977, the small coastal town of Seabrook became an international symbol in the battle over atomic energy. Concerned about the dangers of potential radioactive accidents, over 2,000 anti-nuclear activists attempted to block construction of the nuclear reactor. 1,414 people were arrested and jailed in National Guard armories for two weeks.

Laka Foundation
We have a large collection of documentaries and movies about (the history of) nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Check it out, if you're looking for something.
A project of Envision Environmental Media Center, has for more than a decade been producing programs about vital environmental and social justice issues for a national television audience.
Nuclear Movies
A critical analysis and filmography (© Mick Broderick) of over 850 feature-length dramas concerning nuclear issues from 1914-1989 and from over 30 countries. Mostly on nuclear weapons.
Nuclear Reaction!
Nuclear power and radiation run amok! It's a plot line which has figured in many films - from B-movies to Academy Award winners. The following film list includes sci-fi, adventures and dramas. How many do you remember?