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The Waste Paper (1979 - 19)

The magazine of the Sierra Club Radioactive Waste Campaign.

"World's First papaer to specialize in radioactive waste", with the latest news on breakthroughs in the waste technology, up-to-date-reports on citizen battles all over the country and tips on resources and organizing. The Radioactive Waste Campaign promotes greater public awareness of the dangers to human health and the biosphere from the generation of radioactive waste.

Move cursor over titlepage for more information on the content of the issue. Shown is a selection of articles, not the full content
June/July 1979: Harrisburg accident; WIPP Winter 1979/1980: West Valley; medical uses of isotopes; the Plutonium Trail Spring 1980: Legacy of the bomb; TMI Radioactive rubble and rising water; Cask Safety Late Summer 1980: West Valley; Chalk River; cleanuop waste form Manhattan Project
Fall 1980: Nuclear waste Bill; invisible manace; league of cities Vol.3 Nr.1- Winter 1981: Secret Plutonium Shipments; West Valley; Uranium mining in NJ and NY Vol.3 Nr.2- Spring 1981: Bechtel Administration; Radium in NY drinking water; Mining Foes win Vol.3 Nr.3- Summer 1981: waste storage in salt; transport safety; organizing tips; Indian Point spent fuel pool
Vol.3 Nr.4- Fall 1981: solidification liquid waste West valley; Chalk River Shipments; Maxey Flats Vol.4, Nr.1- Winter 1981: waste storage in salt; West Valley; Thorium waste dump; Massachusetts Nuclear Waste Dump Vol.4, Nr.2- Spring 1982: Transport regulations, West Valley; Fuel Pools near capacity; Reactors Steam Generator Problems Vol. 4,Nr 3, Unfortunately we do not have this issue
Vol.4, Nr.4- Fall 1982: Chalk River shipmenst; Reprocessing at Barnwell; Uranium mining ban Virginia?; Citizen's Hearing Vol.5, Nr.1- Winter 1982: Inside Brookhaven NatLab; Ginna Fuel Pool; Ionizing smoke detectors Vol.5, Nr.2- Spring 1983: Thorium contamination; Navy Pushes Ocean Dumping Vol.5, Nr.3- Summer 1983: Another Manhattan Project Disaster; Tritium in our water
Vol.5, Nr.4- Late Fall 1983: Severe Earthquake Possibilities Shakes Nuclear Plant Design; West Valley Vol.6, Nr.1- Winter-Spring 1984: Contaminated Beaches Sellafield; NY Citizens Oppose Nuclear Waste Landfills; Weapons radioactive Waste Vol.6, Nr.2- Summer 1984: Brookhaven waste shipments; Nuclear sub hits waste barrels; Barnwell Leaks Vol.6, Nr.3- Winter 1984: One Chance In A Billion Can Happen Tomorrow; TMI Health Effects-Evidence Is Growing; International Transport Network?; Chalk River Shipments
Vol.7, Nr.1- Summer 1985: Nuclear Woes at Fernald; Barnwell Radioactive Landfill Vol.7, Nr.2- Fall 1985: Uranium mining in Grand Canyon?; Tenneseans Organize Against HL Waste Storage; Exciting Developmenst in Federal LLRW Legislation Vol.8; Nr.1- Winter 1985/1986: Food Irridiation; Radioactive Waste In Space; Plutonium at West Valley; Oak Ridge Reservation Problems Vol.8; Nr.2- Spring 1986: Cia Iselin, Activist Extraordinaire; Taiwan Nuke Shipments; Ohio Sues DoE Over Fernald Plant; Low Level Waste Roundup
Vol.8, Nr.3- Fall 1986: Campaign's Fernald Report Blasts DoE; Dilution Is Not The Solution; Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons; Plutonium From The Skies; Bringing TMI Home Vol.8, Nr.4- Winter 1986/1987: Oak Ridge- US Intentionally Leaked Nuclear Waste; Sout African Uranium Threat Continues Despite Sanctions; Voters Say No to Nuclear Waste Vol.9, Nr 1-2- Summer 1987: Nuclear Waste decision making; MRS-Monitored Retrievable Storage; Rocky Flats Test Burn Vol.9, Nr.3- Fall 1987: Low-Level Waste Poses Serious Threat; Study Living Without Landfills; Nuclear legislation; Japanese Plutonium To Hop Through Alaska?
Vol.9, Nr.4- Winter 1987/1988: South African Uranium Shipment Enters U.S.; Goiania-Nuclear Tragedy Strikes Brazil; Radioactive Iodine Found Below Hanford Reservation; Activist Meet to Map Waste Strategy Vol.10, Nr.1- Spring 1988: America's Deadly Defense -A Double Edged Sword-; Radiation Effects Judged More Serious Vol.10, Nr.2- Summer 1988: Year of Resistance; Who Is US Ecology?; Proposed Bomb Plant Idaho; Setback for B&W Nuclear Giant; Food Irridiation Vol.10, Nr.3- Fall 1988: Major Radium Dump Found in New York City; Nuclear Waste Used as Fertilizer in Oklahoma; WIPP Site Delayed; Whatever Happened To Three Miles Island
Vol.10. Nr.4- Winter 1988/1989: Crisis at The Nuclear Bomb Plants; Unsafe Transport Casks Vol.11, Nr.1- Spring 1989: Low-Level Waste Siting; Educational Resources; Nuclear Weapons Facilities Traumas Continue

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