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Resistance against the Dutch Dodewaard nuclear reactor

The Dodewaard nuclear reactor is the first nuclear power reactor built in The Netherlands.
Although very small (only 54 MW) it was seen as a milestone. It was connected to the grid (by the Queen) in March 1969 and it was expected that many reactors would follow. Even in the mid seventies it was expected that all new power stations built in the Netherlands after 1980 would be nuclear.
In 1996 the owners of the plant announced the closure because of a lack of future for nuclear power, leaving Borssele (grid connection in 1973) the only nuclear reactor left in the Netherlands.
The closure of Dodewaard was the main focus in the haydays of the Dutch antinuclear movement in the early 80s.
Thousands of peoples blocked the reactor and clashed with riot police. After massive state repression during the 1981 blockade, the mass movement collapsed. Many people focused on the struggle against nuclear weapons, on energy saving programs or on the development of alternative energy to make nuclear power redundant. But also many people left disillusioned the political movement.