Music from the anti-nuclear movement: Norway

Laka has a large collection of music (on vinyl, LPs & Singles and on CD or even VHS and Music Cassettes) supporting the anti-nuclear struggle. Most of these recordings are documenting a specific struggle in a specific era and location, and are living documents of that decennia long struggle. We’re focusing on officially released music, but if appropriate added some digital content too. Music is part of Laka's 'special collections' - the culture of the international anti-nuclear movement - which also includes a large collection of anti-nuclear songbooks, posters and graphic novels. If you have anything to add, want to make a contribution or an inquiry about a specific record, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dounreay song, 1988 frontcoverDounreay song, 1988 backcover

Odd Halvor Moen, Ragnar Moen, Inger Ramberg
Dounreay Song
Single, 45 rpm, 1987

Apart from a very old nuclear research reactor at Halden, Norway does not have nuclear facilities. That does, however, not mean there is no anti-nuclear movement. There have been discussions in the past about starting a nuclear power programme and Norwegian NGO's were an active part of the Scandinavian movement against Swedish reactors. This single from 1987 is released by Norges Venstre (leftwing Liberal Party). In the 80s, the Liberal Party collaborated with the Liberals in Great Britain to stop acid rain and the Party was the driving force against radioactive pollution in the sea from both the Sellafield and Dounreay nuclear facilities in the UK.