Music from the anti-nuclear movement: Russia

Laka has a large collection of music (on vinyl, LPs & Singles and on CD or even VHS and Music Cassettes) supporting the anti-nuclear struggle. Most of these recordings are documenting a specific struggle in a specific era and location, and are living documents of that decennia long struggle. We’re focusing on officially released music, but if appropriate added some digital content too. Music is part of Laka's 'special collections' - the culture of the international anti-nuclear movement - which also includes a large collection of anti-nuclear songbooks, posters and graphic novels. If you have anything to add, want to make a contribution or an inquiry about a specific record, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Various Russian Choirs
Children of Chernobyl / Die Kinder von Tschernobyl
CD, 1992

Russian Choirs sing for the Children of Chernobyl; Songs, Hymns and Monastic Chants. This recording is dedicated to the ailing and needy children of Chernobyl. It supports the efforts of welfare organizations of the Russian Orthodox Church to construct treatment centers for these children, the hardest hit by this nuclear catastrophe whose full impact is still undeterminable today. This is only one of the many, many efforts to help the victims of the 1986 nuclear catasstrophe. Recorded in Moscow and Zagorsk (now called Sergiev Posad).

Various Artists
Рок против ядерной угрозы
CD, 2002

This Rock against the nuclear threat is a compilation album from a number of Russian bands (‘Musicians against nuclear power’) to support Ecodefense and its anti-nuclear campaign. Ecodefense is one of the oldest environmental organizations in Russia. Since its foundation in Kaliningrad in 1989, it has successfully fought against Russian nuclear and coal projects. Ecodefense is also, as many, or most, other Russian NGO’s subject of repression and state intimidation. Life became increasingly harsh for NGO’s after Putin came to power in 1999. A few years later, musicians organized themselves to produce this album in solidarity with and support of the antinuclear campaign of Ecodefense. More information in Russian on this insert.