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tag description no. of articles
FORSMARK, ZWEDENForsmark, Sweden1
CANADAcountry (North) America, hoofdstad: Ottawa1
SEMIPALATINSKlocation of nuclear tests, Kazakhstan, USSR1
JAEAJapan Atomic Energy Agency, merger JNC - JAERI; Japan1
PHILIPSBURG, DUITSL.location 2 reactors (BWR 1 & 1 PWR)1
SELLAFIELDlocation reprocessing plants, see: THORP Drigg1
ATOMIC STATEdisqualification, pressure to resign, censorship1
GLOBAL IMPORTANCE OF NUCLEAR POWERNuclear interest in total production3
ARAKIran Nuclear Research Reactor (IR-40), Arak, central Iran1
NATANZIran: (Pilot) Fuel Enrichment Plant, Natanz1
MITSUBISHIMitsubishi Atomic Power Industries Inc. Minato-ku Tonyo 1051
TRICASTIN, FRANCElocation 4 PWR reactors1
AUSTRALIAcountry, capital Canberra1
LUCAS HEIGHTSresearch reactor Sydney, Australia1
HIGH TENSION NETWORKproperty, physical presence See also: EMS3
ALGERIACountry, capital Algiers1
BESSINES, FRANCEVU warehouse in France1
EMFElectromagnetic radiation / field3
FLAMANVILLE EPR, FRANCElocation future EPR; France6
CERN - GENEVEparticle accelerator and basic research1
DRINKING WATERgroundwater with radioactive substances and effects on drinking water6
RADIOACTIVE SCRAPMETALcontaminated scrap, finds and (discussion) reuse5
IRSN, FRANCEFrench state research (French part) IPSN6
SOMALIASomalia, former Somaliland1
KALPAKKAMLocation reprocessing (i.a.), India1
PALUEL, FRANCEPaluel, France1