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Asterix und das Atomkraftwerk - Bibliographic Forensics of a German Underground Comic

AuthorDirk HR Spennemann, Laka
DateSeptember 2015
Classification 9.20/41 (COMICS)
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Asterix und das Atomkraftwerk 
Bibliographic Forensics of a German Underground Comic
Dirk HR Spennemann
Laka Foundation
September 2015

Created in Vienna in 1978 by cutting up existing Asterix comic books, 
rearranging selected panels and adding a new narrative into the speech 
bubbles. The story of the successful resistance of the Gaulish village 
that was declared a site for a nuclear power plant resonated with the 
anti-nuclear movement. Pirated copies were circulation in various German 
towns even before the first German edition was stopped through legal 
action by the copyright owners of the Asterix brand. Well over 20 
German-language print versions have been identified. The volume was 
translated and adapted to Dutch, French and various dialects Spanish, 
incl. Basque.

Asterix und das Atomkraftwerk is an attempt at a fictional narrative 
that expresses the concerns of the movement and that also, in its 
fictional successful ending, signals its hopes. The rapid dissemination 
of the title in its various forms is a testament to how much the treatment 
of the topic and sentiments expressed therein resonated in the alternative 
scene. It also effectively highlights the need among the movement for some 
comic relief in an otherwise highly intense and serious debate. 

This study describes the print variants in the various languages and 
provides a chronology of their publication.

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