Adder: Nuclear Monitor, November 1990

City: Washington DC, VS
TMI study found background radiation poses cancer risk to children 5 Nov
DOE National Energy Strategy to support tripling of current reactors and pitch 5 Nov
NRC briefly faces fact that there's no place to put low-level waste 5 Nov
Congress leaves with mixed actions on nuclear issues 5 Nov
Johnston wins one-steo licensing process for Louisiana enrichment plant 5 Nov
Utah to take more radioactive waste; may get nation's first mixed-waste dump 5 Nov
Breaking up is hard to do: decommissioning plans are increasingly driven by wast 5 Nov
Florida: Sarasota County officials are seeking EPA approval of a plan to pump 5 Nov
Illinois: in the final stretch before the election 5 Nov
Louisiana: Toney Johnson, one of the opponents of the proposed 5 Nov
Missouri: activist are celebrating a major victory consisting of a stay 5 Nov
North Carolina: on June 30, Larry Dew was one of three workers 5 Nov
Somewhere in the solar system 5 Nov
TMI action plan items still incomplete at 87 reactors 5 Nov
Workers at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Sequoyah-1 plant 5 Nov
Traveling valve parts have caused problems at Nebraska Public Power District 5 Nov
Appeals court overturns heart of NRC's one-step licensing rule19 Nov
NPOC unveils new, but remarkably familiar, plan for building new reactors19 Nov
Trojan referendum defeated19 Nov
Waste management dumps NRC's BRC policy19 Nov
Nebraska suit denied; Resnikoff critiques dumpsite19 Nov
Colorado: Rep. David Skaggs has introduced a bill to compensate Rocky Flats19 Nov
Florida: a higher authority has intervened in the on-again19 Nov
Massachusetts: Boston Edison seems to be trying to jump the gun19 Nov
Illinois: after a visit earlier this year from one of DOE's Tiger Teams19 Nov
Missouri: on the heels of his temporary order to cease work19 Nov
New Mexico: the EPA signed a variance on Nov. 1 allowing movement19 Nov
South Carolina: in spite of years of promises to be open with the public19 Nov
Tennessee: NRC chairman Kenneth Carr, in an Oct. 11 visit to the nearly19 Nov
Meantime, tidal waves of cleanup dollars are flowing19 Nov
Texas: running through mid-October, the trial portion of EL Paso County's19 Nov
At the other end of the waste stream19 Nov
Sandia labs seek tritium powered batteries to power photovoltaics19 Nov
Thousands of South Korean villagers on Ahnmyun Island went on a rampage19 Nov
Concrete drums containing nuclear waste have leaked19 Nov
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