Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, May 2001

City: London, UK
Bruce Power was awarded an operating licence 9 May
The US Department of Commerce (DOC) issued a preliminary ruling 9 May
The bill setting out the terms of Germany's phasing-out of nuclear 9 May
Niagara Mohawk Power Corp has filed a Proposal of settlement 9 May
There is no reason to block the proposed operating licence 9 May
The safety aspects of the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR) 9 May
The oprating licence of Nuclearelctrica's Cernavoda-1 9 May
Electricite de France (EDF) was awaiting approval 9 May
Some vital nuclear research could be moved to Russia 9 May
Two transports of spent nuclear fuel 9 May
Russia approved a treaty to turn weapons-grade plutonium 9 May
British Energy (BE) announced it was cutting 400 jobs 9 May
DNA of chidren born to liquidators at the demaged Chernobyl 9 May
A Japanese government panal has approved the construction of a new nuclear power16 May
The Finnish parlaiment has overwelminghly16 May
Nuclear power should be a major component16 May
According to the United Nations scientific committee16 May
An international nuclear emergency exercise16 May
The International Commission on Radiological Protection16 May
North Korea has threatened to pull out16 May
US: Exelon has begun a program16 May
UK: British Energy (BE) has blamed16 May
Germany: preparations are underway16 May
Lithuania: operatives at the Ignalina nuclear power plant16 May
UK: the British Energy (BE)16 May
The Euratom Supply Agency (ESA)16 May
Japan: A referendum on the use of mixed oxide fuel16 May
Pangea Resources International16 May
the World Health Organisation (WHO)16 May
US: The United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC)16 May
Exelon announced on 23 May that it hopes to announce the construction23 May
Strahmore Minarals Corp of Canada has bought the mineral rights23 May
Almost 70% of French people have a good opinion of nuclear23 May
59% of Californians support the construction of new nuclear power23 May
The Japanese government issued a message to regional administrations23 May
A further 24 shipments in 2001 of spent fuel from German reactors23 May
President Bush's ability to enact his national energy policy23 May
A decision on whether the government will hold a public referendum23 May
New moves aimed at privatising the country's Embalse and Atucha-123 May
The construction of a dike around the Belleville nuclear power plant23 May
Topco is reportedly seeking a major US takeover target or partner23 May
Endesa has given details of its plans to disinvist its nuclear23 May
Following almost a year's safety analysis preparation23 May
Draft radiation protection standards for the proposed nuclear waste repository23 May
A radiological accident has occured at Panama's national oncology institute23 May
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is investigating23 May
Following a request from Governor Ikuo Hirayama of Niigata Prefecture31 May
Dominion Resources Inc has applied for the renewal of the operating licences31 May
British NUKEM Nuclear Ltd, a subsidary of NUKEM Nuclear Gmbh31 May
Korea Electric Power Company (KEPCO) plans to select construction companies31 May
A former Department of Energy (DoE) official31 May
The Czech utility CEZ has stated that it expects to complete31 May
The overdose of radiation given to 28 cancer patients31 May
Diablo Canyon-2 was reconnected to the Californian grid on 28 May31 May
Vice Premier Oleg Dubina has stated that that it might benefit the Ukraine31 May
A group of Russian experts have returned from a tour of south American countrie31 May
North Korea is to receive two light water nuclear reactors31 May
Safety authorities from the institute of protection and Nuclear Safety (IPSN)31 May
Fukai Prefecture Governor, Yukiop Kurita, has formally approved31 May
Trucks carring spent fuel from the Muhleberg31 May
The last active uranium mine France, at Jouac31 May
The application for licence to construct a replacement nuclear reactor31 May
The Camozzi group is to buy the nuclear components producer Ansaldo CSM31 May
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