Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, July 2001

City: London, UK
(Zonder titel: BNFL is assessing the best way to recover the accident with 1 JulBNFL
(Zonder titel: European imports unfair?)10 JulNucNet Bisiness News
(Zonder titel: Swedes favour the use of their existing power units)10 Jul
(Zonder titel: Radiation doses in the Ukraine)10 JulNucleonics Week
Rosenergoatom is planning to export electricity to Finland, Turkey and Ukraine10 Jul
Russia: Regulators are reviewing a safety analysis report (SAR)10 JulNucleonics Week
(Zonder titel: Brazilian plan to reviving the construction of NPP)10 Jul
(Zonder titel: US waste transport licence of type B?)10 JulSpentFuel
UK: Safety inspectors are investigating an incident at Chapelcross NPP10 JulAssociated Press
The US Department of Energy (DOE) budget for 200210 JulNucNet News
The latest Annual Report of Pangea's Scientific Review Group (SRG) is available10 JulPangea SRG annual report 1999-2000
Switzerland's Beznou-1 was back on line after less than 11 days of refuelling10 JulPlatts Nuclear News
(Zonder titel: Cooperation between Swedish and Finnish nuclear waste management)10 JulPosiva Oy; Svensk KarnBranslehantering AB
Germany's enviroment ministry has published its draft of the new neuclear law10 JulPlatts Nuclear News
Correction: The federal appeals court in Canada did not approve plans for a HLW)10 JulWorld Nuclear Association News Briefing
South Korea: plan to add 10 new neuclear power reactors17 JulUx Weekly
(Zonder titel: a package of laws permitting the import and storage)17 JulReuters
(Zonder titel: jointly fund research of the US and France)17 JulUx Weekly; Nuclear Market Review
The German Cabinet is expected to pass the so-called 'Atom Consensus'17 JulUx Weekly
(Zonder titel: Borsele closed in 2004?)17 JulNuc Net News
(Zonder titel: uprate of US Susquehanna reactors)17 JulUx Weekly
(Zonder titel: Russian Novovoronezh-4 and -4 operating longer)17 JulNucNet News
(Zonder titel: plans for operation Balakova VVERs)17 JulWx Weekly
France: Cattenom-3 will be off-line for 'several more weeks'17 JulNucleonics Week
(Zonder titel: US bill for energy programs slashes funds for high level waste)17 JulReuters; SpentFUEL; Nuclear Energy Overview
(Zonder titel: new reprocessing plant in Japan)17 JulSpentFUEL
Switserland: First shipment of spent fuel assemblies arrived at interim facility17 JulNucleonics Week
An underwater robot has tested radiation levels around the sunken Kursk17 JulCNN
(Zonder titel: Investigation ordered into weather French citizens fell sick)17 JulReuters
(Zonder titel: Contaminated plutonium may have been stolen)17 JulGuardian
The external costs of nuclear power are far lower than those for fossil fuel pow24 Jul
KEPCO Nuclear Fuel Co (KNFC) of South Korea recently announced24 Jul
Czech Republic: a 'technical document ' detailing Germany's 'concerns'24 Jul
Nine of the 12 spent fuel elements that fell 25m down a discharge shaft24 Jul
A request to extend the operating licence of the Phenix fast reactor24 Jul
The refurbishment of the closed Dounreay reprocessing facility24 Jul
The government is considering importing and storing24 Jul
A fiscal 2002 energy appopriations bill24 Jul
UK: British Nuclear Fuels plc's (BNFL's) mixed oxide (MOX) fuel plant25 Jul
Czech Republic: the executive director of the Temelin nuclear power plant25 Jul
US: in a random poll of 404 voters in Arizona, 53% said they believe25 Jul
Germany: a plan to close the 640 MWe Stade PWR25 Jul
Taiwan: the cabinet is reportedly close voting25 Jul
Russia and India have finalised the agreement25 Jul
Ukraine and South Korea have signed a cooperation agreement25 Jul
US: an amendment to the fiscal 2001 transportation appropriations bill25 Jul
Russia: the construction of a nuclear waste treatment25 Jul
Australie's federal government decree approving a project to store25 Jul
Ukraine: the commissioning of a spent fuel storage facility at the Zaporozhe25 Jul
Ukraine: a draft governmental decree approving a project to store25 Jul
US: the state of Washington plans to start fining the US department of Energy25 Jul
Germany: preliminary analysis of a plastic tube filled with radioactive material25 Jul
The governing body of the International Thermonuclear Reactor25 Jul
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