Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, May 2002

City: London, UK
The world's first nuclear power plant, Obninsk, was shut down 1 May
British Energy (BE) is in talks with British Nuclear Fuel (BNFL) 1 May
The house of representatives was schedules to vote today 1 May
A poll of 1500 Finns indicates that 44% of respondents approve 1 May
A major safety investment programme at the Barseback-2 1 May
India's nuclear power plants generated 19.192 TWh of electricity in 2001 1 May
Exelon will submit an application for an early site permit (ESP) 1 May
Request from Entergy Nuclear Southwest and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) 1 May
The Lithuanian government has approved 1 May
A new nuclear power plant should operational 1 May
The prefectural government of Fukushima is proposing 1 May
Prime minister Tony Blair said it would be wrong to shut 1 May
A draft safety evaluation report into the construction 1 May
Two armed ships the Pacific Pintail and Pacific Teal 1 May
The government should take immediate action 1 May
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co Ltd (KHNP) aims to select 1 May
Vietnam and India have signed a memorandum of understanding 1 May
Framatome ANP has completed its US$280 million purchase 1 May
A resolution designating Yucca Mountain as the site 9 May
The UK government has launched a consultation period 9 May
Recently re elected president Jacques Chirac 9 May
The Parlaimentary Finance Committee has voted, as expected, in favour 9 May
The US court of appeals for the federal Circuit has upheld the findings 9 May
Heathgate Resources reported two spills 9 May
Canaccord Capital Corp has published a report on nuclear power 9 May
The board of directors of Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) 9 May
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has recommended 9 May
An application to extend the operating licences of Dominion's Surry-1 and -2 9 May
The Indian government will consider offers from private companies 9 May
The US department of Energy (DOE) will delay plutonium shipments 9 May
The parlaiment started a debate on Tuesday15 May
Electricity tariffs could increase by 7% in real terms15 May
Replacing the UK's ageing nuclear power plants with new reactors15 May
The European supply agency (Euratom) has again urged15 May
Belarus plans to participate in the construction of new nuclear power reactor15 May
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHPN) plans to increase its capacity15 May
An independent task force will assess the lessons learned15 May
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has approved15 May
The transfer of Vermont Yankee's operating licence to Entergy15 May
The four unit Pickering A nuclear power plant15 May
More then 77% of Bulgarians disagree with the European Union's15 May
The Lithuanian parlaiment authorised negotiations15 May
India's department of Atomic Energy Site Selection Committee15 May
The state lower of Saxony awarded a general licence15 May
Authorities are considering moves towards the eventual relocation15 May
The Finnish parlaiment approved plans for the construction24 May
BNFL has won substantial contracts from German utility E.ON24 May
The Vietnamese government has approved a prefeasibility study24 May
Nebraska Public power district (NPPD) is assessing various options24 May
A thorough investigation of criticality safety issues24 May
The international community should provide the funds24 May
A total of US$850 million has spent24 May
Russia has proposed international inspections of the busherh24 May
A modular above-ground storage (MAGS) facility24 May
An incident involving accidental over exposure of an industrial radiographer24 May
An agreement in principle to fundamentally review29 May
Almost 80% of the population supports the continued use29 May
Calls for construction to resume of the partially completed Angra-329 May
Ling Ao-1 entered commercial service on 28 may29 May
Temelin-2 reached first criticality on 31 May29 May
A major upgrade project at the Gosgen29 May
NB power - operator of the 680 MWe Point Leprau29 May
The Tsuruga-1 nuclear power reactor will closed down in 201029 May
The Paks nuclear power plant is considering sourcing29 May
Cogema has been given approval by the French nuclear regulator29 May
A US$360 million facility to store spent nuclear fuel29 May
Rokkasho-mura has been approved29 May
Several utilities could end up owing the government billions of dollars29 May
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