Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, December 2002

City: London, UK
WNA interviewed Dr Anil Kakodkar, Chairman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commiss.. 1 Dec
Canadian uranium production steady 1 DecCameco 1/8 & 31/10/02 & CRI 3/11/02
Double or Quits? The global future of civil nuclear energy 1 DecMalcom Grimston; Peter Beck
US government considers financing options for new nuclear plants 1 DecNucleonics Week 3/10/02
EC plan for central approach to safety and wastes 1 DecNucNet news # 349/02, Foratom 6/11/02
EU commissioners push nuclear. 1 DecNucNet news # 291 & 351/02
UK public wants electricity without greenhouse 1 Dec
..... as UK electricity market "burst". 1 DecNucleonics Week 3/10/02;NucNet business news # 72/02;...
German compromise on reactor shut-down 1 DecNucNet news # 328/02, Nucleonics Week 17/10/02
France heads for centrifuge enrichment 1 DecNucNet business news # 77/02, NuclearFuel 28/10/02
Belgium backtracks on nuclear phase-out 1 DecUx Weekly 2f1/10/02
Bulgaria defies EU on reactor closures 1 DecNucNet news # 244. 315 & 360/02
EC sets up hydrogen study 1 DecNucNet news # 323/02, V.Kiss paper at WNA symposium 2002;...
New Chinese reactor connected to grid 1 DecNucNet news # 356 & 361/02, Xinhua 19/99/02
Futher nuclear power station for southern China 1 DecUx Weekly 11/11/02
Japan to boost tax on corbon emissions 1 DecNikkei 17/10/02, Nucnet business news # 86/02
India starts construction of two more reactors 1 DecPower in Asia 17/10/02
Japanese reactor shut down as penace 1 DecNucNet news #340 & 362/02, business news # 83/02, Ux ...
Japans plutonium stocks increase 1 DecAtoms in Japan, Oct 2002
Restart of Ontario's Pickering delayed 1 DecOPG 28/10/02
Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) set up 1 DecNucNet news # 343/02, WMO 24/10/02, NRCan 25/10/02
Australian uraniumproduction lifts 1 DecWMC 14/10/02, ERA 18/10/02
The Ukrainian state nuclear regulatory committee (SNRCU) ... 3 DecNucNet News, 360/02, 29 November
Switzerland: The government will provide part insurance cover... 3 DecNucNet News, 372/02, 2 December
China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) and the Beijing Reseach Institute... 3 DecNuclear Fuel, 25 November, p4
US: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is revising its regulations... 3 DecNuclear Merket Review, 30 November, p4; SpentFUEL, 2 Dec, p2
Israel is planning to builde a US$2 billion commercial nuclear power reactor... 3 DecUx Weekly, 2 December, p5
China: The reactor vessel for the Tianwan-2 nuclear power reactor... 3 DecUx Weekly, 2 December, p5
Turkey: Plans to revive a project to construct a nuclear power plant... 3 DecUx Weekly, 2 December
France: Electricite de France (EDF) dismissed reports in French media... 3 DecNucNet News, 371/02, 2 December
Japan: Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) is seeking permission to restart... 3 DecUx Weekly, 2 December, p4
US: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has approved... 3 DecNuclear Market Review, 30 November, p4; Ux Weekly, 2 Dec, p3
Netherlands: The government confirmed that it will not challenge the latest... 3 DecNucNet News, 368/02, 29 November
France: Westinghouse Electric Co has won a contract to provide nuclear fuel... 3 DecBNFL, 27 November
UK: As ecpected, the European Commission (EC) approved... 3 DecNucNet Business News, 91/02, 28 Nov; Ux Weekly, 2 dec, p4
The lower house of the Belgian parliament has voted 4 Dec
USEC has selected its Portsmouth, Ohio, site as the location 4 Dec
There is no alternative for the time being to nuclear power 4 Dec
Taiwan could be nuclear-free by 2061 at the earliest 4 Dec
FirstEnergy now expects its idled Davis-Besse nuclear power reactor 4 Dec
Florida Power Corp can uprate its Crystal River-3 4 Dec
Eskom Enterprises announced that it successfully tested 4 Dec
The Federal Ministry of Environment & nuclear safety (BMU) 4 Dec
BNFL Environmental Services of the UK has signed a contract 4 Dec
Bulgaria expects a European Commission (EC) peer review 4 Dec
The State Committee of Nuclear Regulations is considering 4 Dec
Xcel Energy is hoping to convince the Minnesota legislature 4 Dec
The state of Nevada has filed initial brief an a lawsuit 4 Dec
Plans to form an alliance of companies 4 Dec
The treaty between Argentina and Australia 4 Dec
A new 'employer-led' task group, designed to attract people 4 Dec
The Areva group of France has created a US Subsidiary 4 Dec
North Korea announced that it would reactivate11 Dec
British Energy (BE) reported higher than expected losses11 Dec
Industrias Nucleares do Brazil (INB) has opened11 Dec
The assembly for Miyagi prefecture have voted to raise11 Dec
Germany's oldest nuclear power plant Obrigheim, will shut11 Dec
The government has signed an agreemnent with a consortium11 Dec
President Leonid Kuchma has signed a law which approves a loan11 Dec
The operating licence for Hydro-Quebec's Gentilly-211 Dec
The parlaiment is considering a draft law11 Dec
Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) has submitted the final report11 Dec
The Diet (parliament) has revised the country's Electric Utility Law11 Dec
A reactor pressure vessel pedestal11 Dec
The newly-decommissioned Winfrith site11 Dec
The Environment Agency announced its intention11 Dec
North Korea began removing United Nations (UN) surveillance equipment18 Dec
Cameco Corp has signed a binding heads of agreemnent18 Dec
As preparations were being made to shut down the Kozloduy-1 and -218 Dec
USEC Inc has signed a lease with the department of Energy (DOE)18 Dec
OAK AB - a subsidiary of Sydkraft - has been given permission18 Dec
Qinshan-4 -unit one of Qinshan phase three - entered into commercial operation18 Dec
Russia has signed a nuclear fuel supply contract with Iran18 Dec
The ministry of Atomic Energy (MINATOM) plans to earmark18 Dec
Electricity production from the country's nuclear power plants18 Dec
The European Union (EU) has offered Lithuania18 Dec
The Canadian government will guarantee up to C$328 million18 Dec
Structures that contain nuclear fuel could withstand the impact18 Dec
The introduction of a new law for the regulation and management18 Dec
Documentation demonstrating the feasibility18 Dec
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