Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, February 2003

City: London, UK
Financial management of the Metsamor nuclear power plant 5 Feb
Iran claims to have adopted plans to mine uranium in the Savand region 5 Feb
North Korea announced that it had restarted the mothballed 5 MW Yongbyon reactor 5 Feb
Uzbekistan's Navoi Mining & Metallurgical Plant produced 2100 tU 5 Feb
India's 14 nuclear power reactors generated a record 19.6 TWh 5 Feb
Belgium's seven nuclear power reactors generated 45.1 TWh 5 Feb
The single-unit Krsko nuclear power plant 5 Feb
British Energy (BE) shareholders have approved the propoed sale 5 Feb
Entergy has received approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) 5 Feb
Energy Northwest has decided not to sell 5 Feb
Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) plans to restart its Fukushima I-3 5 Feb
Precise instructions have been issued to Electricite de France (EdF) 5 Feb
An investment of US$700 million will be made 5 Feb
The possibility of construction a new nuclear power plant 5 Feb
A five-member panel of the supreme Administrative Court 5 Feb
Nye County, Nev., commission chairman Henry Neth has urged 5 Feb
Russia's Ministry of Atomic Energy (MINATOM) will help 5 Feb
The USA is set to lift its ban on the export of dual-use 5 Feb
British Energy (BE) has reached agreement12 Feb
Kazatomprom produced 2850 tonnes U3O812 Feb
Iran's decision to mine uranium has been described as unjustifiable12 Feb
The Sierra Pintada uranium mine in Mendoza province12 Feb
USEC Inc has submitted a licence application12 Feb
Russia will provide nuclear fuel to Nuclear Power Corp of India Ltd12 Feb
The Royal Society has issued a statement12 Feb
An order to all licensees operating pressurised water reactors12 Feb
Florida Power & Light's (FLP's) Seabrook nuclear power plant12 Feb
Xcel said that it would buy power from two fossil fired plant12 Feb
Construction of the country's first fast breeder reactor (FBR)12 Feb
Romania could authorise the construction of three new Candu reactors12 Feb
A revised condition that could finally release a US$215 million loan12 Feb
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has held North Korea12 Feb
The AREVA group reported sales revenues of 8265 million euros12 Feb
Cameco Corp reported a 7% increase in sales revenue to C$748 million12 Feb
The cabinet approved a plant to halt production of weapons-grade plutonium12 Feb
The government has published its long-awaited white paper19 Feb
Romania has awarded a contract for the construction of a new nuclear power react19 Feb
Russia will participate in the construction of a nuclear power plant19 Feb
Paladin Resources Ltd has completed a pre-feasibility study19 Feb
The discovery of a significant uranium deposit in the Nalgonda district19 Feb
India will add 4000 MWe of nuclear generating capacity by early 200819 Feb
A possible phase-out of nuclear energy in the country19 Feb
A new energy bill is being drafted that will provide for the long-term reauthori19 Feb
Modifications to return the Browns Ferry-1 nuclear power reactor19 Feb
An options analysis team at Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD)19 Feb
A five-year nuclear reactor operating licence has been awarded19 Feb
Power uprates are being planned at the Ringhals-3 and -4 reactors19 Feb
Union activist have blockaded the entrance to Electrabel's Tihange19 Feb
Tests running the Temelin-2 nuclear power reactor19 Feb
The World Association of Nuclear Power (WANO)19 Feb
German utilities are reportedly considering buying out reprocessing contracts19 Feb
Mohamed ElBaradei, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency19 Feb
The French and Italian governments are conducting negotiations19 Feb
Slovakia plans to privatize electric utility Slovenske Elektrarne (SE)19 Feb
North Korea has restarted its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon26 Feb
Six employees of JCO Co Ltd were given suspended prison sentences26 Feb
Taiwan's six operating nuclear power reactors generated a total of 38 TWh26 Feb
The Ling Ao-2 nuclear power entered commercial operation26 Feb
Slovenia's parliament ratified an agreement the country signed with Croatia26 Feb
The government is encouraging national power utility ENEL to seek26 Feb
A preliminary 'red' finding has been issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission26 Feb
Entergy is reportedly seeking permission from the Vermont State Public Service26 Feb
Duke Energy has filed an application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission26 Feb
Sweden's nuclear power industry must consider shutting down26 Feb
The Temelin-2 nuclear power reactor was brought to full power26 Feb
There is still no official deal with Russia to build a new nuclear power plant26 Feb
A full review of inspections that have been conducted26 Feb
Kansai Electric Power Co is reportedly considering the construction26 Feb
RWE Nukem of Germany has completed the installation26 Feb
WMC Resources Ltd has reported its first set of financial results26 Feb
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Clarification to NB03.08-2:26 Feb
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