Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, September 2003

City: London, UK
The World Nuclear University (WNU) was launched... 3 SepSNA, 4 September
Netherlands: A new parliamentary committee on technology issues... 3 SepEU Energy, 29 August, p7
Hungary: The Paks-2 nuclear power reactor is likely to remain off line... 3 SepEnergy in East Europe, 5 September, p15; Nucleonics Week,4..
Canada: The Environmental Assessment Guidelines... 3 SepNuclear Market Review, 5 September,p3; Ux Weekly, 8 Sep,p4..
US: Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) has decided to sell its R E Ginna... 3 SepUx Weekly, 8 Septemer, p4
The reactor pressure vessel (RPV) head at Progress Energy's Robinson-2... 3 SepNucleonics Week, 4 Sep, p3; Ux Weekly, 8 September, p4
US: Detroit Edison plans to spend some US$80 million to add 150 MWe... 3 SepNucleonics Week, 4 September, p4
Sweden: The restart of the Oskarshamn-2 nuclear power reactor... 3 SepNucleonics Week, 4 September, p5
Romania: The Cernavoda-1 nuclear power reactor will remain off line... 3 SepNucleonics Week, 4 September, p6
India: Construction of a 500 MWe prototype fast breeder reactor (PFBR) 3 SepNucleonics Week, 4 September, p16
China: A plan is being developed... 3 SepChina Daily, 4 September; Ux Weekly, 8 September p2
South Africa: Eskom plans to spend some US$2 million... 3 SepNucleonics Week, 4 September, p9
Bulgaria: A contract for the design and implementation of a dry spent fuel... 3 SepEnergy in East Europe, 5 Sep,p13; Nucleonics Week, 4 Sep,p15
Russia: The USA will contribute US$200 million toward construction... 3 SepNuclear Market Review, 5 September, p3
UK: British Energy (BE) is confident of agreeing to restructuring proposals... 3 SepDaily Telegraph, 8 September, p25
US: NAC International is seeking an equity investor, of a buyer... 3 SepNucleonics Week, 4 September, p4
British Energy (BE) has agreed to sell its 50% share in AmerGen10 Sep
Entergy Nuclear presented new operating plans for its Vermont Yankee10 Sep
FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co has been given approval10 Sep
The Nebraska Public Power District's (NPPD's) board of directors10 Sep
Framatome and Electricite de France (EdF) will present a joint bid10 Sep
The construction cost of a series European Pressurised Water Reactor10 Sep
PBMR (Pty) Ltd estimates that it will cost R10 billion10 Sep
Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) returned its seventh10 Sep
A comprehensive environmental impact assessment (EIA)10 Sep
Nuclearelectrica may restart its Cernavoda-1 nuclear power reactor10 Sep
The Environmental Assessment Guidelines that will be used10 Sep
Work at the Yongbyon nuclear complex10 Sep
Iran has been given until 31 October by the International Atomic Energy Agency10 Sep
Engineering group Alstom expects to reach an agreement10 Sep
The US Court of International Trade (CIT) ruled17 Sep
ConverDyn's Metropolis conversion facility17 Sep
USEC Inc has achieved another milestone17 Sep
An application to renew the operating licence of the Farley17 Sep
The Bush Administration has approved US$3.72 million17 Sep
Electrobras is seeking a private partner17 Sep
British Energy (BE) could seek to extend the life17 Sep
Nuclearelectrica restarted its Cernavoda-117 Sep
Taiwan Power Co will increase the NT$169.7 billion (US$5 billion) budget17 Sep
The World Bank will provide US$5 million to finance17 Sep
The government will allow two cities17 Sep
German utilities will not finance the search for an alternative17 Sep
Voters in the canton of Nidwalden have rejected17 Sep
The Senate unanimously approved a US$27.3 billion17 Sep
Iran defied international pressure over its nuclear programme17 Sep
Applications for early site permits (EPSs)24 Sep
Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has restarted the Pickering A-424 Sep
The government will provide an additional C$46 million24 Sep
Southern Nuclear Operating Co's request to increase capacity24 Sep
Rochestere Gas & Electric (RG&E) could select the winning bidder24 Sep
The Angra-3 nuclear power reactor could be completed24 Sep
A project to complete the Atucha-2 nuclear power reactor24 Sep
A combination of problems at three Swedish nuclear power reactors24 Sep
Vantaa Energia plans to invest in the country planned24 Sep
The government is reportedly no longer interested in western loans24 Sep
A European Union (EU) peer review of the Kozloduy-3 and-424 Sep
The European Parliament passed a resolution24 Sep
The 15 European Union (EU) member states will need to invest24 Sep
A joint US-Russian operation has secured24 Sep
Iran warned that its willingness to commit24 Sep
Correction to NB03.38-1324 Sep
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