Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, May 2004

City: London, UK
Preparations are underway to apply for renewal of the operating licence 5 May
China and Pakistan signed a formal agreement on 5 May for the construction 5 May
Framatome ANP Inc-Areva's joint subsidiary with Siemens 5 May
Constellation Energy has brought forward the scheduled completion date 5 May
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will conduct 5 May
There is added value of up to US$80 billion 5 May
British Energy (BE) warned that it 'remains subject to 5 May
Efforts to finalise a nuclear energy phase-out agreement 5 May
A vendor consortium for completing the Belene 5 May
The European Union (EU) could allocate EUR100 million 5 May
Plans to construct a nuclear power plant are being developed 5 May
RMBK-type nuclear power reactors 5 May
Negotiations between the government and utilities have failed12 May
The government formally proposed construction12 May
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has determined12 May
Construction of the proposed depleted uranium hexafluoride12 May
An agreement has been signed settling the outstanding issues12 May
Atomic Energy of Canada ltd's (AECL's) advanced Candu reactor12 May
The Ringhals-3 nuclear power unit is claiming a world record12 May
Edmand Stoiber - a leading opposition politician - has reiterated12 May
The European Commission (EC) is reportedly set to approve12 May
Plans to design and construct a 1500 MWe reactor12 May
Shikoku Electric Power Co is seeking approval to use mixed-oxide12 May
The Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it will submit its application12 May
European Union (EU) ambassadors failed to make any progress12 May
Correction to NB04.19-2:12 May
The Department of Energy announced that it will cooperate19 May
The operating licence of the R E Ginna nuclear power plant19 May
Strathmore Minerals Corp has retained J P Morgan Securities to review strategic19 May
TXU Corp has retained J P Morgan Securities to review strategic options19 May
The two missing segments of spent fuel rods at the Vermont Yankee19 May
A report on the feasibilty of completing the Angra-3 nuclear power reactor19 May
The National Assembly is considering a bill19 May
Union Fenosa will allocate EUR30-33 million (US$36-39 million)19 May
A loan agreement of some US$50 million for safety upgrades19 May
A draft report by the Natural Resources & Energy Agency19 May
Members of the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organisation19 May
An accidental aircraft or ordnance impact at the proposed PFS Facility19 May
Presidental candidate John Kerry has promised to cancel19 May
The deadline for companies to post bids19 May
China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) has requested government permission26 May
Cameco Corp of Canada does not now expect to acquire a 25.2% interest26 May
WMC Resources Ltd will invest a further A$50 million (US$36 million)26 May
Southern Cross Resources Inc has identified a new belt of uranium26 May
Afrikander Lease (Aflease) expects to announce a partnership26 May
Areva has been awarded a contract by Teollisuuden Voima Oy (TVO)26 May
Nuclear Management Co (NMC) held a private meeting26 May
A new inspection program that could eventually be applied26 May
Constellation Energy has submitted an application26 May
The National Assembly voted for an energy policy bill26 May
Slovakia must honour the terms of its European Union (EU) accession treaty26 May
Plans to construct a VVER-1000 nuclear power reactor26 May
Hot testing of reactor equipment has started at the Kalinin-326 May
The European Union (EU) is freezing EUR100 million (US$122 million) in aid26 May
A German consortium - comprised of RWE Nukem GmbH and GNB mbH26 May
Proposals for Brazil to sell non-enriched uranium to China will be considered26 May
Vietnam and France signed a nuclear cooperation agreement on 26 May26 May
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