Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, January 2006

City: London, UK
Progress Energy has reportedly narrowed its list of potential sites 5 JanNuclear Market Review, 6 January
Uranium Resources Inc (URI) has carried the burden of demonstration 5 JanURI, 9 January
Mawson Resources Ltd has staked a 100% interest in the Tasjo 5 JanMawson Resources, 5 January
The operating licence of the Seabrook nuclear power plant has been extended 5 JanUx Weekly, 9 January
President Chirac pledged that a prototype fourth-generation 5 JanNucNet News, 3/06, 5 January
Basel - an industrial consortium - has signed a 15-year agreement 5 JanNucleonics Week, 5 January
Finland will not need a sixth nuclear power reactor because electricity-intensiv 5 JanNucleonics Week, 5 January
Lithuania wants the closure of the Ignalina-2 nuclear power reactor 5 JanUx Weekly, 9 January
By the end of 2006, regulators could approve plans 5 JanNucleonics Week, 5 January
Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd (JNFL) submitted a plan 5 JanAtoms in Japan, 22 December
Following a European-wide competitve tendering process 5 JanUKAEA, 6 January
Holtec International has signed a contract with Energoatom 5 JanHoltec International, 26 December
Iran removed seals from the Natanz nuclear facility in order to resume 5 JanBBC News Online, 10 January
Areva plans to drop the Framatome and Cogema names 5 JanNuclear Market Review, 6 January
Some 54% of Britons would be willing to accept the construction of new11 JanUEA, 17 January
The federal government was due to start discussions today with China11 JanMining Journal, 13 January
Enercon Services Inc has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract11 JanEnercon, 11 January
Euratom will become a party to the Generation IV International Forum (GIF)11 JanPlatts Nuclear News Flashes, 13 January
The Borssele nuclear power plant has been granted a 20-year11 JanNucNet News, 6/06, 10 January
Russia would reportedly like to restore the nuclear power industry network11 JanInterfax, 12 January
The Metsamor-2 nuclear power reactor generated 2.5 TWh11 JanNucNet News, 10/06, 16 January
The acquisition of land near the Karachi nuclear power plant11 JanNucleonics Week, 12 January
China's nine nuclear power reactors generated a total 53.1 TWh in 200511 JanFreshFuel, 16 January
The natioanal debate on radioactive waste has revealed a public preference11 JanNuclear Fuel, 16 January
The Federation of Electric Power Companies (FEPC) announced the plans11 JanAtoms in Japan, 10 January
The UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), AMEC plc and CH2M Hill11 JanAMEC, 16 January
A major reorganization of the Department of Energy (DOE's)11 JanNuclear Fuel, 16 January
Iran has been given an ultimatum by ElBaradei11 JanDaily Telegraph, 17 January
Toshiba of Japan has reportedly bid almost US$5 billion Westinghouse18 JanUx Weekly, 23 January
A three-month public consultation to discuss the future of the country's energy18 JanBBC News Online, 23 January
Kazatomprom, Sumitomo Corp and Kansai Electric Power Co18 JanKazatomprom, 23 January
Paladin Resources Ltd has secured its first sales contract18 JanPaladin, 19 January
Progress Energy has selected its Shearon Harris nuclear power plant18 JanProgress Energy, 23 January
Interstate Power & Light and FPL Energy have received affirmative18 JanAlliant Energy, 19 January
70 % of the residents of the province of Saskatchewan18 JanUx Weekly, 23 January
50% of the French public believe that having three-quarters18 JanNucleonics Week, 19 January
OKG will uprate the Oskarshamn-3 nuclear power reactor18 JanFortum, 20 January
Equipos Nucleares SA (ENSA) of Spain has been awarded18 JanPBMR, 24 January
Grid connection of the Tiawan-1 nuclear power reactor18 JanNucNet News, 16/06, 23 January
Sandia National Laboratories has been selected by the Department of Energy's18 JanDOE, 18 January
The latest radioactive waste inventory has been published by Nirex18 JanNirex, 19 January
A nuclear energy basic research coordination centre18 JanAtoms in Japan, 13 January
The Global Nuclear Claenout Coalition (GNCC) has been formed18 JanRWE Nukem, 23 January
Russia is ready to set up an international fuel cycle service centre26 JanItar-Tass, 26 January
Northwestern Mineral Venture Inc is seeking a permit required26 JanNorthwestern, 23 January
The US$172 million Resende uranium enrichment plant was scheduled26 JanFreshFUEL, 30 January
Southern Nuclear Operating Co and Georgie Power have selected26 JanWestinghouse, 27, January
Constellation Energy plans to seek permission26 JanPlatts Nuclear News Flashes, 25 January
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has formally cancelled construction26 JanPlatts Nuclear News Flashes, 25 January
FPL Energy has completed its purchase of majority interest26 JanFPL Energy, 27 January
Construction of the Olkiluoto-3 nuclear power reactor26 JanSTT, 25 January
Prime Minister Danial Akhmetov has reportedly instructed26 JanUx Weekly, 30 January
Russia's nuclear power plants generated a total of 147.6 TWh26 JanNuc NetNews, 22/06, 30 January
China's nuclear power plants generated 52.3 TWh of electricity in 200526 JanNucNet News, 24/06, 30 January
Reactor and fuel imports will comprise a very small part26 JanNucleonics Week, 26 January
Operations at Hamaoka-1 and -2 will remain suspended26 JanAtoms in Japan, 27 January
The Bush administration is planning to announce a US$250 million26 JanReuters, 26 January
The final stage of uranium testing at Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd's26 JanAtoms in Japan, 22 January
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