Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, November 2006

City: London, UK
If policies remain unchanged, world energy demand is forecast 1 Nov
Uzbekistan will reportedly begin supplying natural uranium to Japan 1 Nov
Forsys Metals Corp has accepted a pre-feasibilty study 1 Nov
Techsnabexport (Tenex) and TVEL were merged on 2 November 1 Nov
The operating licences of Constellation Energy's Nine Mile Point-1 and -2 1 Nov
USEC Inc has signed a long-term contract with PPL Susquehanna 1 Nov
France's Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) has cleared Electricite de France's 1 Nov
E.On AG of Germany welcomed the decision by Spanish regulators 1 Nov
Fortum has applied to the Council of State for a licence to continue 1 Nov
A nuclear power plant will be constructed in the coastal city of Rushan 1 Nov
The government has set a deadline of 2010 for construction 1 Nov
The Electric Power Development Co (EPDC) has submitted 1 Nov
Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd's (JNFL's) Rokkasho reprocessing plant 1 Nov
The results from bedrock investigations at potential sites 1 Nov
The new OPAL research reactor reached its full operating power 1 Nov
As part of the country's review of the future of uranium mining 8 Nov
Uranium mineralization has been located at the Kanga 8 Nov
Uranium Resources Inc.(URI) will conduct an internal study 8 Nov
UrAsia Energy Ltd has signed five new contracts with US utilities 8 Nov
General Electric (GE) and Hitachi intend to form a business alliance 8 Nov
Electricité de France (EdF) has signed cooperative agreements with China 8 Nov
The National Nuclear Security Administration of the US Department of Energy 8 Nov
Nuclear energy wil be part of Poland's future 8 Nov
Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) has selected Transnuclear 8 Nov
The nuclear train that returns vitrified wastes 8 Nov
Svensk KarnBranslehantering AB (SKB) has submitted an application 8 Nov
Unionized Cameco workers at the McArthur River and Key Lake operations 8 Nov
The operation licence for Xcel Energy's Monticello nuclear power plant 8 Nov
Lawrie Haynes, chief executive of British Nuclear Group (BNG), is to leave 8 Nov
The Senate voted 85-12 to approve the US-India Civilian Nuclear Agreement15 NovAssociated Press, 17 November
South Africa: sxr Uranium One Inc announced that it had agreed terms15 Novsxr Uranium One, 17 November
Planning for a trial uranium mining and processing program at Trekkopje15 NovUraMin, 20 November
The long-awaited Royalty Framework for the country's mining industry15 NovPaladin, 14 November
Australia could have a nuclear power reactor in operation in as little as ten ye15 NovDPMC, 21 November
Strathmore Minerals Corp has purchases some 250 hectares of land15 NovStrathmore, 20 November
An order detailing a tentative schedule that anticipates a licensing decision15 NovUSEC, 20 November
Progress Energy has submitted a licence-renewal application15 NovProgress Energy, 14 November
Brazil is willing to spend the US$1.7 billion needed to complete the Angra-315 NovFReshFUEL, 20 November
Just 34% of the public supports the construction of new nuclear power15 NovFinancial Times, 20 November
Construction of the world's first floating nuclear power plant15 NovNucNet News, 249/06, 16 November
Haripur in the state of West Bengal has reportedly been identified15 NovUx Weekly, 20 November
Malaysia has not yet formed a policy on wether to use nuclear energy15 NovUX Weekly, 20 November
An application for permission to decommission the Fugen15 NovAtoms in Japan, 7 November
An agreement to establish the international organization15 NovITER, 21 November
Cameco Corp of Canada has signed a memorandum of understanding22 NovCameco, 22 November
Cameco Corp announced that remediation work is under way22 NovCameco, 20 November
Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd has submitted applications22 NovHeathgate, 23 November
An exploration licence has formally been granted to UraMin Inc22 NovUraMin, 23 November
Paladin Resources Ltd announced that the 2006 drilling22 NovPaladin, 28 November
Oriental Minerals Inc of Canada has applied for uranium licences22 NovUx Weekly, 27 November
Entergy Nuclear Northeast will seek federal approval to operate22 NovNuclear Market Review, 24 November
Dominion has been granted conditional approval to pursue new nuclear22 NovAssociated Press, 21 November
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL) has signed an agreement22 NovNatural Resources Canada, 27 November
Closing technically safe power plants does not make sense22 NovUx Weekly, 27 November
Pakistan has signed an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency22 NovAgence France Presse, 25 November
A new study panel for cooperation in nuclear energy in Asia22 NovUx Weekly, 27 November
China and India have agreed to cooperate in civil nuclear energy22 NovTimes of India Online, 21 November
France and Italy have reached an agreement on the reprocessing22 NovAGI Online, 24 November
The federal resources minister should encourage state governments29 NovParliament of Australia, 4 December
A plant to process lateritic ore will be constructed at the Ranger uranium mine29 NovERA, 29 November
The merger between Denison Mines Inc and International Uranium Corp (IUC)29 NovDenison, 28 November
The government will not issue licences for uranium mining until29 NovReuters, 29 November
A fundamental review of the country's current energy policy29 NovForatom, 21 November
The Olkiluoto-3 nuclear power reactor is not expected29 NovTVO, 4 December
Belarus plans to construct a nuclear power plant to reduce its dependence29 NovAssociated Press, 1 December
Russia plans to construct 42 new nuclear power reactors by 203029 NovNuclear Market Review, 30 November
Russia expects to spend some US$10 billion between 2008 and 201529 NovNucleonics Week, 30 November
W.M. Mining International Ltd of the USA has reportedly entered into29 NovNuclear Market Review, 30 November
Indonesia and South Korea have signed an agreement on cooperation29 NovReuters, 1 December
82% of Ontarians prefer Candu technology to foreign options29 NovAECL, 6 November
The Yucca Mountain repository will most probably not open before29 NovNuclear Energy Overview, 4 December
The Department of Energy (DOE) announced that 11 commercial and public29 NovDOE, 29 November
Areva has signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries29 NovAtoms in Japan, 22 November
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