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2014-03 UNSCEAR 2013 Report: Levels and effects of radiation exposure due to the nuclear accident after the great-eastern-Japan earthquake and tsunami. Volume 1, scientific Annex A UNSCEAR japan - fukushima (dai’i chi accident)
2006-04Strategie de participation francaise: Prototype 2020, GNEP, Génération IVCEA, Frank Carre nuclear safety - reactors - new generations - general
1998Les Centrales Nucleaires dans le Monde 1998 (on 31-12-97)CEA importance worldwide
1998Informations Utiles Edition 1998CEA importance worldwide
1997Les Centrales Nucleaires dans le Monde 1997 (on 31-12-96)CEA importance worldwide
1991-03The Phebus FP ProjectCEA, EEG nuclear safety - reactors - pressurized water (pwr) / boiling water (bwr)
1990Energy databook: France in the world 1990CEA france - general
1990Les Centrales Nucleaires dans le Monde. Edition 1990CEA importance worldwide
1989-03Mémento sur l'énergie 1989CEA france - general
1989Les centrales nucléaires dans le mondeCEA importance worldwide
1988Les centrales nucléaires dans le mondeCEA importance worldwide
1988Sources, effects and risks of ionizing radiationUNSCEAR radiation - general
1985-10Les nouvelles nucléairesCEA, Alsthom, Cogema nuclear safety - general
1985-04SuperphenixCEA france - superphénix - general
1984Mémento sur l'énergieCEA importance worldwide
1983-03Draft Environmetal Impact Statement on Disposal of Decommissioned Defueled Naval Submarine Reactor PlantsOceanic Society miscellaneous - nuclear power at sea - submarines general / other
1982-09The Crustaceans anti-nuclear Songbook. Volume twoShelly & the Crustaceans songs & theatre
1982-08Report of the UNSCEARUNSCEAR radiation - consequences - other
1978-12*An Anti-Nuclear Songbook, as performed byShelly & the Crustaceans songs & theatre
1978Protest SONGS (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station)CEAN united states - sites - north west other
1970-09La Hague center. Irradiated fuel reprocessingCEA france - la hague - general
1962Verboden toegang voor het gewetenC.Eatherly, G.Anders novels & poetry
1955-10CEN SaclayCEA france - other facilities
Energy databook: France in the world 1988CEA france - general
Energy databook: France in the world 1989CEA france - general
La Centrale PhenixCEA france - phénix & rapsodie fbrs
Rapsodie. Reacteur rapide experimentalCEA france - phénix & rapsodie fbrs
Memento sur l'Energie 1996CEA importance worldwide

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