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2016-02 Gesundheitliche Folgen der Atomkatastrophen von Fukushima und Tschernobyl IPPNW, A.Claußen, A.Rosen, H.Paulitz chernobyl accident - consequences surroundings - general
2014-06 Critical Analyses of UNSCEAR report ”Levels and effects of radiation exposure due to the nuclear accident after the great-eastern-Japan earthquake and tsunami” PSR, IPPNW japan - fukushima (dai’i chi accident)
2013-10 Annotated critique of the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) October 2013 Fukushima Report to the UN General Assembly PSR, IPPNW, MedAct japan - fukushima (dai’i chi accident)
2009-09 Atomkraftwerke machen Kinder krank: Fragen und Antworten zum Krebsrisiko rund um Atomanlagen IPPNW, ausgestrahlt, Eisenberg radiation - around facilities
2007 Black magic of uranium at Jadugoda: Study on health status of indigenous people around Jadugoda Uranium Mines in India IDPD, IPPNW, JOAR, S. Ur india - uranium mining
2005-11 Health of Liquidators (Clean-up Workers), 20 Years after the Chernobyl Explosion - Abstracts PSR, IPPNW, M.Fernex chernobyl accident - consequences surroundings - medical & mutations
2003-12 Sicherheitstechnische Defizite des Europäischen Druckwasser Reaktors (EPR) Henrik Paulitz, IPPNW nuclear safety - reactors - new generations - e.p.r.
2002-04 International Sustainable Energy Agency: Proposed model statute GRACE, IPPNW, PSR international organisations - i.a.e.a.
2001-08 Siemens-Boykott. Gute Argumente IPPNW nuclear lobby - foreign countries - companies
1999 Security and Survival. The case for a nuclear Weapons Convention IALANA, INESAP, IPPNW proliferation - general
1996 Atom declassified: Second Collection: Half a century with the bomb A.Yemelyanenkov, IPPNW russia - general
1995-08 Wahnwitz Atomkraft. Vom Anfang in Berlin bis Heute Till Bastian, IPPNW history / development nuclear energy
1994-08 MOX-Wirtschaft oder die zivile Plutoniumnutzung C.Küppers, M.Sailer, IPPNW plutonium - mox & possible re-use weapons pu / heu
1993-05 Plutonium das tödliche Gold des Atomzeitalters IPPNW plutonium - general
1992-02 Radioaktive Verseuchung von Himmel & Erde IPPNW radiation - consequences nuclear tests
1992 Атом без грифа секретно: точки зрения IPPNW russia - general
1992 Atom ohne Geheimnis IPPNW russia - general
1992 Plutonium -deadly gold of nuclear age IPPNW, IEER plutonium - general
1991 Radioactive heaven and earth, effects of nuclear weapons testing in, on, and above the earth IPPNW, IEER radiation - consequences nuclear tests
1987-03 Plutonium. Medizinische Folgen eines Atomwaffen-Unfalles Hauber, IPPNW radiation - consequences nuclear tests
The medical costs of nuclear arms IPPNW radiation - consequences nuclear tests