Publication Laka-library:
Capenhurst. The facts

AuthorLowana Veal, Close Capenhurst
DateApril 2019

From the publication:

“Without a doubt, there are very real concerns about the lack of transparency 
surrounding Capenhurst’s activities – the adequacy of nuclear safeguards at 
Capenhurst, environmental and public health risks associated with Capenhurst’s routine 
operations, as well as incidents and accidents associated with Capenhurst’s management
of uranium hexafluoride.” Dr Paul Dorfman The Energy Institute University College
 The author of this booklet Lowana Veal is a biologist and freelance journalist who 
has been involved in the anti-nuclear movement since the mid 1970s. She wrote Wildlife 
and the Atom for Greenpeace (London) in 1983. She now lives in Iceland, where there 
are no nuclear power stations. 
Commissioned by Close Capenhurst Campaign

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