Publication Laka-library:
Cutting the Tentacles of Russian Energy ‘Octopus’ Rosatom

AuthorDixi Group
DateJuly 2022
Classification (RUSSIA - EXPORT)
Remarks DiXi Group follows on the series of materials aimed at exploring the foreign ties of key Russian energy companies for elaboration of proposals for expanding sanctions limiting the international influence of Russian energy sector.

From the publication:


The Russian economy is being held tight in the
grip of sanctions due to Russia’s barbaric attack
on Ukraine. However, many Russian companies,
including those in the energy sector, have managed
to avoid the impact of the sanction measures.
Notably, President Biden’s executive order
prohibiting certain imports and new investments in
Russia, issued on March 8, didn’t target the nuclear
energy sector while banning the imports of Russian
oil, liquefied natural gas, and coal to the US1.
Russia’s energy giant Rosatom, a company that
provides Russia’s military budget with revenues
from international cooperation and directly
participates in the Russian nuclear terrorism in
Ukraine, is remarkably unaffected by sanctions.
Rosatom demonstrated it was a part of war crimes
by capturing and declaring the Zaporizhzhia nuclear
power plant as its property2.
Meanwhile, Rosatom is a key intentional player in
the nuclear energy sector.