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After Fukushima: A Survey of Corruption in the Global Nuclear Power Industry

DateNovember 2013

From the publication:

Investigations of the Fukushima nuclear power accident sequence
revealed the man-made character of the catastrophe and its roots
in regulatory capture effected by a network of corruption, collu­
sion, and nepotism. A review of corruption incidents in the global
nuclear industry during 2012-2013 reveals that the Japanese expe­
rience is not isolated. Gross corruption is evident in nuclear tech­
nology exporting countries such as Russia, China, and the United
States, and in a number of nuclear technology importing countries.
The survey results make clear that national nuclear regulatory
regimes are inadequate and that the global regime is virtually com­
pletely ineffective. Widespread corruption of the nuclear industry
has profound social and political consequences resulting from the
corrosion of public trust in companies, governments, and energy sys­
tems themselves. K eywords : nuclear industry, corruption, regulatory
capture, public trust.