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Science or fiction; is there a future for nuclear?

AuthorA.Wenisch, Kromp, Reinberger
DateNovember 2007
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Science or Fiction

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Is there a Future for Nuclear?

                  04     Introduction
                  04     Do we need nuclear power to meet
                         the challenge of climate change?

                  06     The Programme »Generation IV«
                  07     Generation IV and what the nuclear
                         industry tells us about it
                  09     Generation IV and what the nuclear
                         industry would rather not tell us

                  16     Fusion
                  16     Fusion Basics
                  21     Uncertainties & Risks

                  24     Conclusions & Outlook
                  24     Generation IV
                  25     Fusion
                  26     Recommendations

                  28     Technical Specifications

                  32     References
                  34     Glossar
                  35     Abbreviations

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Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water
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This booklet served as preparation for both participants and speakers at the conference
»Science or Fiction – Is there a Future for Nuclear?«. This international conference on fusion
energy and new nuclear reactor models was organized by Global 2000/Friends of the Earth
Austria and took place 8 November