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Legal Opinion. Pathways to a Euratom Reform

AuthorFouquet, European Greens
DateJune 2018

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Pathways to a Euratom Reform
Short legal evaluation and strategy approach for the Green Group in the European
on behalf of
European Parliament - The Greens/EFA Group, 60 Rue Wiertz, 1040 Brüssel
created by
Rechtsanwältin/Lawyer Dr. Dörte Fouquet
Becker Büttner Held · Rechtsanwälte Wirtschaftsprüfer Steuerberater · PartGmbB
Avenue Marnix 28, 1000 Brüssel BELGIEN

Part 1 Introduction
The following evaluation aims to provide an outline and overview for a coherent reform
of the EURATOM Treaty within a liberalised energy market, increasingly supplied
with renewable energies and constantly improved by modern balancing and
demand side management applications.
The aim of this overview is to provide the Members of the European Parliament and
other stakeholders with a pathway towards a structured convention process with its
objective to reform the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community
There are various opinions in the public debate on issues such as a phasing out of
EURATOM or the introduction of an overall new Energy Treaty in the Union, but
such approach is not the objective of this short evaluation. It concentrates on the
reform of EURATOM and the key principles.
This study intends to give a legally and politically realistic approach on the reform
needed in order to engage with a broader alliance to push for a dedicated EURATOM
reform procedure.
Especially if the reform will work toward an energy market- and competition -fairness-
driven approach, proposing increased safety standards, full life-cycle responsibility
of the industry, the introduction of a modern European liability regime, democratisation
of the institutional and decision making process.