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Study on sustainable and resilient supply of medical radioisotopes in the EU. Therapeutic Radionuclides

AuthorJoint Research Centre, Ligtvoet, Scholten, Davé, King, Petrosova, Chiti, Goulart De Medeiros, Joerger
DateSeptember 2021

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Study on sustainable and resilient supply of medical radioisotopes in the EU
Therapeutic Radionuclides
Joint Research Centre
Ligtvoet, A., Scholten, C., Davé, A., King, R., Petrosova, L., Chiti, A., 
Goulart De Medeiros, M., Joerger, A.

This report presents an overview of the current use of radionuclides for 
medical therapy in Europe as well as an estimate on the amounts being used. 
It also provides the expert opinion of more than 200 professionals in the 
field of nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy on future growth potential of 
the use of therapeutic radionuclides. The research signals the paucity of 
information, and reiterates the call for joint European efforts for more 
reliable data. While historical practice in radionuclide therapy has not 
led to major supply concerns, the imminent approval of certain treatment 
options (for example PSMA linked to Lutetium-177 for prostate cancer) may 
lead to a rise in demand for Lutetium and other radionuclides that may pose 
challenges to European radionuclide producers. The shutdown of European 
research reactors without immediate replacement capacity, as well as a general 
ageing of the infrastructure is an unsolved issue that also requires concerted 
European action.
While the market for therapeutic radionuclides is currently still small in 
comparison to the market for diagnostic radionuclides, the use of 
radiopharmaceuticals promises advances in the treatment of cancer. At the same 
time, technological developments for the production of these radionuclides are 
still uncertain and in early stages of market readiness. Supply is not fully 
secured, as the market is new and volatile. Future market developments are 
influenced by national reimbursement systems in reaction to radiopharmaceutical 
pricing, as well as complicated regulations that are determined by both radiation 
protection and pharmaceutical directives.