Laka’s archive

Laka's archive contains mostly newspaper and magazine clippings. The clippings are sorted by subject, and aren't online. If you want to get an impression about the public debate around nuclear waste storage, decommissioning of nuclear power plants, or any other topic concerning nuclear power, do come by!


Laka's library contains around eight thousand publications. From scientific and technical reports to pamphlets; a wide variety. The library gives you a good impression of the rise and fall of nuclear power.
More and more publications are available as PDF. Most you can download directly, but if not, you can contact us to acquire a copy or a scan.


Laka's videocollectieAn important part is the video collection. Alternative productions and long lost images have been rescued. Much material has been recorded in the eighties on VHS and is digitized..


Laka possesses a large collection of posters from the  (international) anti-nuclear movement of the past 45 years. Posters are rarely lend out. We have an online exhibition with the most beautiful ones from twenty-eight countries.
In 2011 Laka published Radiating PostersA collection of 600 posters from the international movement against nuclear power.

Dataset of magazines

Laka has digitized a small part of its large collection of magazines. Mostly its the Dutch publications of the anti-nuclear movement which have been put on-line.
Our dataset "Adder" contains around 40.000 articles from the Netherlands and abroad and its easy to search as it has been categorised in over two thousand tags. Some of the articles in Adder have a direct link to their online issue. If not, you're welcome to request a scan or copy by e-mail.

Anti-nuclear magazines

A trove of magazines from the Dutch anti-nuclear movement as been digitized by Laka. Many hundreds of issues are available, and many more will follow.

Nuclear and radiological incidents

Online, the documentation centre contains around 1,000 reports tot the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA of incidents and accidents with nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities.

Laka's publications

Over the years, Laka has published a lot. About depleted uranium, nuclear waste, medical isotopes and about nuclear energy in general. Some publications are in Dutch, others in English. You can find Laka's publications here.

Nuclear weapons

Laka is an organisation dealing with, on what is generally called, the peaceful use of nuclear energy. This means that there is also a non-peaceful use of nuclear energy. And, indeed Laka has therefore also much information on nuclear weapons. Nuclear energy and nuclear weapons can't be seen separated by each other.
For us, as collectors of information, and to restrict ourselves a little, we have much information on nuclear weapon politics, but not for example on nuclear weapon treaties; except of course the Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT), in which (the promotion of) nuclear energy has an important role.
Since nuclear energy is a direct spin-off of nuclear weapons and the development of nuclear weapons has been (and still is) an important main-spring for states to start a nuclear weapon program, nuclear weapons are an important part of our information (certainly in some countries at certain moments).


Two sets of slides are permanently available on the website. They're from the fifties, the age of unlimited faith in the future and in the possibilities of nuclear energy...


(only on the Dutch part of the site) Not yet disclosed and categorized, but rather extensive, is the part on audio. The tapes include radio programs at which Laka was involved and many interviews with Laka. Work is in progress.