Themanummer "Widerstand"

DescriptionDit nummer als geheel ingevoerd omdat het een themanummer is met zeer vergelijkbare artikelen (qua thema), dus veel vergelijkbare trefwoorden.
Date 1 November 1996
Page number
MagazineAnti Atom Aktuell, Giessen, Duitsland
Number of pages 0
Tags: AHAUS, GERMANY - Interim storage location of highly radioactive waste
ANTI-NUCLEAR MOVEMENT - Anti-Nuclear Movement (AKB) and environmental organizations
ACTIONS - Actions re. nuclear power
DODEWAARD - location, Netherlands
GERMANY - Germany and former West Germany
GARCHING - Germany: FRM I and II research reactors at TU Munich
GORLEBEN, GERMANY - waste storage castor and salt domes. No Sch. Konrad and PKA
GRAFENRHEINFELD - Grafenrheinfeld, Germany
GREIFSWALD, GERMANY - location for 8 VVER kcs, waste storage see: NORD
GRONAU, GERMANY - Urenco enrichment plant
GUNDREMMINGEN, GERMANY - Gundremmingen, Germany
KAHL - location Germany test reactor
KRUMMEL, GERMANY - Krummel, Germany
NECKAR(-WESTHEIM) - location 2 PWR reactors, Germany
REPRESSION - police, lawsuits and imprisonment
TRANSPORTS GENERAL - Nuclear transports general
WISMUT - Wismut s day, uranium mining in East Germany

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