Geschiedenis van de Noors-Nederlandse samenwerking op het gebied van de kernener

AuthorGoedkoop, J.A.
Date 1 March 1967
Page number47-56
MagazineAtoomenergie en haar toepassingen, Petten, Nederland
Year 9
Number of pages 10
Tags: GERMANY - Germany and former West Germany
FOM - FOM: Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter Utrecht
HISTORY OF NUCLEAR - Also installations, countries etc.
MAP - geographical map with locations and / or transport routes
KJELLER - Research Centre, Norwegian-Ned. Cooperation: JEEP / JENER
THE NETHERLANDS - country in Europe
NORWAY - country in Europe
NORSK HYDRO - Heavy water plant, Norway
COOPERATION - between companies, governments or government bodies bedr.en
URANIUM GENERAL - raw matwerial, isotopes, toxicity, etc.
SWEDEN - country in Europe

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