Indian & Pakistan nuclear test-special feature

AuthorJohnson, Rebecca
Date 1 May 1998
Page number2-21
MagazineDisarmament Diplomacy, Bradford, UK
Year 0
Number of pages 21
Tags: CTBT - comprehensive test ban treaty
DAE, INDIA - Department of Atomic Energy, India
FISSILE MATERIAL CUT-OFF TREATY - treaty to stop production of nuclear weapons-material
HISTORY OF NUCLEAR - Also installations, countries etc.
INDIA - country in Asia
KHAN, ABDUL QADEER - Pakistani nuclear scientist; admitted his role in the proliferation of Urenco uranium enrichment technology.
NUCLEAR WEAPONS TESTING - explosions of nuclear weapons
NPT - Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (international)
PAKISTAN - country in Asia
POLICY - or combine with LAND COMPANY NAME
PROLIFERATION - proliferation of nuclear technology / material / knowledge

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