Adder: Ecologist, The, January 1983

Plaats: Dorset, UK
Datum: 1 January 1983
$37m settlement over Three Mile Island
Detailed reappraisal of nuclear test victims
A-test man faked fall-out figures
Third former Sizewell man dies of leukaemia
A-bomb mained desert people
N-plant report omitted facts on polonium
Nuclear jobs carry cancer epidemic risk
Victim of cancer is to sue Windscale
Windscale panel to investigate 100 deaths
Windscale leukeamia link denied
Seascale warning led to sack for scientist
Reactor fire may have caused 13 deaths
Windscale report angers nuclear industry
Windscale dumping kills 30
Cancer toll high after atom test, study shows
Defence chiefs juggle figures on bomb tests
Atomic death-toll divide
Britain is set to abandon nuclear reprocessing
The dirtiest on earth
Cleveland nuclear dump site
Vote to ban dumping of atom waste
Fast breeder's opponents close for the kill
Doubts cast on CEGB's weak economic argument
Coal prices stress need for nuclear power
Fears of China syndrome hot up
Sloppy clean-up
US discloses new near-disaster at nuclear plant
CEGB quickens up phasing-out plans for nuclear flasks
Plutonium critic wins back job without a fight
Ministry denies plans to dump plutonium at sea
Cancer link with atom tests to be studied
Nuclear waste management in West Germany-The battle continuesHirsch, Helmut
Link with leukaemia deaths 'a mystery to CEGB'
Reactor safety report 'not ready for e year'
Unions to black dumping of nuclear waste in Atlantic
Warning on US tests was ignored
Emergency planning inadequate
NRC relents on Salem, clears plant for restart
Salt mines may take nuclear waste
Reprocessing and the CEGBBunyard, Peter
Nuclear power slips into the backgroundMuir, D.P.
The Crumbling case for nuclear powerBunyard, Peter
British Nuclear Fuels - A dirty businessBunyard, Peter
Plutonium Export and the sacking of Ross HeskethKollerstrom, Nick

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