1942-2002: 60 years of nuclear

Date 1 January 2003
Page number30-33
MagazineEcologist, The, Dorset, UK
Year 32
Number of pages 4
Tags: BNFL - British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (see also BNG)
BRUNSBUTTEL, GERMANY - Brunsbüttel, Germany
HISTORY OF NUCLEAR - Also installations, countries etc.
HEALTH POPULATION - healtheffect on population of radioactivity
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH - occupational health and safety in production and use of radioactive material
NUCLEAR WEAPONS TESTING - explosions of nuclear weapons
NUCLEAR WEAPONS - nuclear weapons in general
KUOSHENG, TAIWAN - Kuosheng, Taiwan
DISCHARGES AIR - Radioactive discharges and pollution of the air
DISCHARGES WATER - radioact. discharges and pollution of sea and surface water
MILITARY ATTACKS - consequences of military attacks on nuclear facilities
MILITARY USES - dual use
ACCIDENTS REMAINDERS - including leaks (nuclear weapons and submarines etc.)
PROLIFERATION - proliferation of nuclear technology / material / knowledge
SPACE REACTORS - Nuclear reactors / batteries in satellites.
SANTA SUSANA SRE,USA - Santa Susana SRE California, USA
SAVANNAH RIVER - Savannah River Plant, USA
SELLAFIELD - location reprocessing plants, see: THORP Drigg
TMI - Harrisburg, Three Mile Island, (also accident 1979)
TOKAI-MURA - Uranium processing plant in Japan
TRITIUM - incl. OBT (organically-bound tritium)
CHELYABINSK - Russia: renamed Ozersk; see also MAYAK, ACCIDENT, OPW., milit.
CHERNOBYL -DISASTER - accident (26-4-86) and effects in reactor 4
DEPLETED URANIUM - residual product of enrichment

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