Communiqué Conjoint sur le rapport officiel OMS/IAEA/UNDP

Date 1 November 2005
Page number6-11
MagazineLa Gazette Nucleaire, Orsay, Frankrijk
Year 0
Number of pages 6
Tags: CESIUM - All isotopes
EU / EC - European Union (previously European Economic Community)
HEALTH POPULATION - healtheffect on population of radioactivity
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH - occupational health and safety in production and use of radioactive material
IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency Vienna
COSTS NUCLEAR ENERGY - Atomic energy costs
DISCHARGES WATER - radioact. discharges and pollution of sea and surface water
MUTATIONS - As a result of radiation
RADIOACTIVE FOOD - Also radioactively contaminated animals and plants
GOVERNMENT - State Directors (see parliament to parliament)
SOCIAL ASPECTS - including human error, soc.- and geestel. emp unrest.
STRONTIUM - all Isotopes
CHERNOBYL -DISASTER - accident (26-4-1986) and effects in reactor 4
SPREADING (HOW) RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS - WAY radioactive material spreads
WHO - World Health Organisation, United Nations

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