Paris, France - 30/05/06

Date 1 September 2006
Page number7
MagazineLa Gazette Nucleaire, Orsay, Frankrijk
Year 0
Number of pages 1
Tags: ABOVE GROUND WASTE STORAGE - only place other than that of production; (from 13/04/04)
UNDERGROUND WASTE DISPOSAL - (Introduced on 3.13.04; WASTE ALG was without WASTE ON SITE S)
ACTIONS - Actions re. nuclear power
DRINKING WATER - groundwater with radioactive substances and effects on drinking water
FRANCE - France
LA MANCHE, FRANCE - waste storage: Centre de Stockage de la Manche (CSM) La Hague
RADIATION MEASUREMENTS - also measured transgression norm but see standard height: STR.NORM
TRITIUM - incl. OBT (organically-bound tritium)
LEGISLATION - international (or national) legislation on nuclear energy

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