Adder: Give & Take, May 2001

City: Washington(VS); Moscow;..
Date: 1 May 2001
Waste import threat rallies Russian public
Nuclear waste import pits the people against the bureaucratsAlisa Nikulina
NGO's take legal action against radioactive dumping in ChelyabinskAndrei Talevlin
NGO's across Russia say 'no' to waste import
Public opinion surveys help counter pro-nuclear misinformationNadezhda L. Kutepova
Safe transport of nuclear waste - A mythVladimir Kuznetsov; Vladimir Slivyak
Minatom's NGO-Friend or foe?Alexey Yablokov
Scientists split the atom, now the atom splits usOlga Podosyonova
Speaking the truth to open an closed cityTatiana Schoor
Public radiation monitoring: An urgent necessity for NGOsSergei Pashenko
NGO in submarine base defends people and wildlife in KamchatkaZoriana Meshalkina
West Kazakhstan NGO exposes human costs of Soviet Nuclear ProgramViktor Kiyansky
Contaminated tailings in Kyrgyzstan: A forgotten radioactive threatC.T. Sulajmanova; C.M. Sadykova
Ukainian NGOs fight nuclear dumpingNatasha Wanchek
NRO, Chernobyl patrol officers win damages
Grassroots collaboration : ISAR's nuclear safety exchange
Surprised by our commonalitiesTatiana Schoor
On the eastermost shores of two countries, secrecy os a common enemyAlice Roos
Kentuchy NGO demands environmental justice from DOECorinne Whitehead
Native American nuclear activist decries despoliation of Mother EarthKathy Sanchez
Russian activists talk health with DOE
Blowing the whistle on Russia's nuclear rouletteTom Carpenter
"If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone"Alex Klaits; Joshua Handler
US philanthropy in the nuclear field: What it means for RussiaKristen Suokko
Vera Mischenko wins international fellowship
Znanie invites FSU NGOs to join the UN network

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