UK reprocessing days numbered ?

Date30 August 2003
Page number1
MagazineN-Base Briefing, Shetland, UK
Year 0
Number of pages 1
Tags: LIABILITY - Legislation: countries, companies, accidents
BNFL - British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (see also BNG)
BRITISH ENERGY - english company after privatization
GERMANY - Germany and former West Germany
UNITED KINGDOM - Great Britain and Northern Ireland
JAPAN - country in Asia
DISCHARGES WATER - radioact. discharges and pollution of sea and surface water
NDA - Nuclear Deco Missio Ning Authority (liable GB)
DECOMMISSIONING - reactor decommissioning; incl. nuclear weapons
OSPAR - Convention against pollution of the North Atlantic
PLUTONIUM - environment, use, production, discussion transuranic
CLOSURE - finally closing a nuclear plant
THORP - part of Sellafield reprocessing plant GB
LEGISLATION - international (or national) legislation on nuclear energy

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