Adder: Nuclear Monitor, March 2004

City: Washington DC, VS
Date: 1 March 2004
What did we learn from Tree Mile Island? NIRS
What happened at TMI-2? 
A question of dose... they cheated, they lied, people died... 
Bush's nuclear family Mary Osborn Ouassiai; Kevin Philips
Bias on health effects from TMI refuted NIRS
A personal remembrance Judith H. Johnsrud
A personal remembrance Jutith H. Johnsrud
"Critical hour" is critical reading NIRS; Albert J. Tritsch; Arthur H. Purcell; Mary Byrd Davis
NRC's TMI fact sheet disputed Tree Mile Island Alert; NRC
TMI 25th anniversary anti-nuclear events 
Unrealistic emergency planning NIRS
Mibile meltdown - TMI train troubles NIRS; Kevin Kamps; Kay Drey
TMI's international impact WISE Amsterdam
Further reading at WISE website WISE/NIRS
Websites on TMI 
Kyrgyzstan bans German waste Washington Times(United Press International), 26/2/2004
Nirex says radioactive waste clean up is blocked Independent, 29 February 2004
UK Cumbria County Council fights nuclear wast plan BBC, 3 March 2004
Czech Republic halts research at waste repository candidates NuclearFuel, 1 March 2004
French government accused of lacking nuclear crisis plan Reuters, 5 March 2004
German try to buy nuclear plant Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 5 March 2004
Germany: transport of spent fuel to Ahaus planned Nucleonics Week, 4 March 2004; Laka Foundation,10 March 2004
Libyan uranium transported to Russia IAEA press release, 8 March 2004
Art exhibition dedicates itself to stopping Chernobyl from happening again Moscow Times, 27 February 2004
Chernobyl Heart wins Oscar Chernobyl Children;s Project news release, 1 March 2004; ...
Israel to keep watch on Vanunu Nucleonics Week, 4 March 2004
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